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Chat Room Guidelines
« on: April 07, 2011, 06:33:13 PM »
Guidelines for using the ONZ Forum can be found here: We also have a separate live chat associated with our webcam broadcast page (a separate registration is required for the chatroom).

If you participate in the Live Chat  we ask you to observe the following basic guidelines:

1. The chat room is owned by HEGPS. It is a privilege, not a right, to chat here.  If you have any questions or concerns relating to the chat room, please contact a moderator or member of HEGPS.

2. The chat is family-friendly and posts must be appropriate for all age groups.

3. The primary focus of the chat room is eagle biology. Other nests and species may be discussed.

4. Discussions of politics or religion are not allowed.

5. Inquiring after someone's well being is allowed, but lengthy, graphic, or frequent details of medical conditions (including pictures) are not.

6. The moderators may delete posts that are inappropriate or may put a chatter on temporary "hold" if they deem it necessary.

7. Only fundraising that is promoted or supported by HEGPS will be permitted. All other solicitations will be removed.

8. Screen captures or videos of cam images are the property of and copyrighted by the cam provider. Any screen captures, videos or copies of chat are property of and copyrighted by HEGPS.

~ For a fuller explanation of our live chatroom guidelines, please read below. ~

1.  The owner of this chat site is the Hornby Eagle Group Projects Society (HEGPS).  The primary intent of this chat room is to provide a place to discuss topics related to the embedded cam and/or any other cams we choose to stream.

2.  This chat, as well as our forum ( and website (, are family friendly. People from all walks of life, cultural backgrounds and ages come here to view the cam(s), learn about wildlife and get to know others. Certain topics are not allowed.  Please avoid any conversations or comments that are threatening, abusive, racist, demeaning, excessively controversial, political, religious, of an adult nature or otherwise not appropriate for children.

3.  Although discussion is not restricted to the embedded/streamed cams, we ask you to avoid "soapboxing" or monopolizing the conversation. The Moderators of this chat room, or members of HEGPS, may ask that certain topics be dropped. If we ask you to stop, please do so.

4.  We may also ask you to slow chat during teaching opportunities or discussions regarding various topics such as wildlife, wildlife rehab or for other reasons. We appreciate your cooperation during those situations.

5.  You can read this chat (and watch the cam) without registering, but in order to participate in discussions you will need to register with a permanent, family-friendly chat name.  There is a link below the chat window with instructions on how to register.

6.  Colored backgrounds may be used, but in consideration of other chatters please avoid glaring or overly-bright colors that may be hard on the eyes.  Shades of yellow, goldenrod and orange are reserved for HEGPS and Moderators.  

7.  Please select a font style that is easy to read.  Using the bold option is helpful, and avoiding the fancy or extra-large fonts that take up a large area makes it easier for many of our chat room members to read.

8.  Some of our members have difficulty tolerating the excessive visual activity caused by the animations available in chat.  Although the use of those animations is allowed, we request that they be used minimally in order to make this chat accessible to all.  There may be times that the chat moderators request that all use of them be halted temporarily; we appreciate your cooperation during those situations.

9.  Please note that only fundraising that is promoted or supported by HEGPS will be permitted.  Please honor our requests to not solicit in our chat room.

10.  Any screen captures, videos or copies of chat are property of and copyright by HEGPS.  Any screen captures or videos of cam images are property of and copyright by the cam provider, who shall be listed as such underneath each cam.

11.  Our Moderators reserve the right to delete posts and/or terminate access of any user for any reason, in their sole discretion and without notice.

Please refer to the Terms of Service:

Please also refer to the Chatango Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

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