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Posting Photos from iPad using Photobucket
« on: June 12, 2012, 10:02:42 PM »
How to post photos on Photobucket from iPad

1. Get The Photobucket app from app store. ( not any substitute that looks good, lol... Trust me..)

2. Load photos onto iPad from camera if that is where they are. Otherwise they are in your "Photos" (  it is the sunflower picture )

3.Go to photobucket thru the iPad app. Log on if needed. I don't need to after the first time.
4. Make an album or select album you want by clicking "my albums"  at bottom menu
  A. Click what looks like movie camera icon ( second from left on top menu)
     1. At top of this drop down menu, you can choose "new album" or "refresh". New album if that's what you want, OR scroll down drop menu to select which album.

5.Select Up arrow at top menu of opened album to load pictures from iPad to Photobucket album
 A. Select photo library ( I have only used it this way with photos already uploaded to "photos" ap)
    1. Your photo library will appear and you need to tap picture you want. Several can load simultaneously, but don't go so fast you have 7 or so "waiting". You will see on the left of your screen that they are loading, or waiting, or processing.

That's it for loading to Photobucket.

How to Post from Photobucket using iPad.

1. Go to Photobucket app if not already opened.

2. Select my albums, at the bottom menu
  A. Select which album by clicking on second icon from left on top menu (looks like movie cam), and select album from drop down menu
  B. the whole album will open no matter they were loaded from iPad or iMac, etc
  C. Tap the picture or video you want to post
     1. At top menu, select chain icon (second from left)
         A. Select img code by tap.( it is now copied, ready to paste on forum posting box)
         To return to the album, the name is shown in upper left corner, just select it
              1. If choosing to post more than 1 at a time, I paste them on the "notes" app and then when ready with several there, select all, copy- then can paste in posting box

There may be other ways but I have found this reliable . If you go to photobucket by way of Safari, etc, instead of using the iPad App, it will NOT work. Parts of the sequence will, but not all. Very, very frustrating
from California