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« on: January 08, 2021, 10:11:22 AM »
HEART rescues in 2021

Thank you to our Hornby first responders!

january 6

  • A fella shows up at my door during a power outage, saying there is a Barred Owl needing my help. The story can be read HERE.

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Re: 2021
« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2021, 10:38:52 AM »
It was 10am & the power had been out due to Wind & Rain since 4pm the previous day.
i had managed to make my coffee & oats on the bbq side burner, the worst cup of coffee i*ve ever had, sigh..., it was espresso, in a small pot, & i think i boiled the done coffee, yuck.
Anyway, i was sitting in my nightgown doing my puzzle when a fella showed up at my door!
He was telling me there was an injured Barred Owl needing my help, & he was describing where.
i asked if he*d mind showing me, & he said he would.
i told him i had to get dressed.
Then i had to get my gear ready.
i would make a lousy Hornby First Responder, i take too long to get ready.
Anyway, i loaded up the smaller kennel, lined with a towel & covered with a blanket, & said i would follow him in my van.
We had to go the long way round, the site was just up the hill from me, as right there is where hydro was working on all the Trees that had fallen on the power lines, putting out the whole Island.
A fella who always rides a bike was there with the Owl.
The Owl was perched on a bench beside one of the roadside bike trails.
Another fella showed up to help, but the Owl wasn*t budging.
The bike fella thought the Owl had a broken leg.
i gave them all towels & the net, & asked them to surround & corral while i ran in.
The Owl didn*t move.
i just popped the towel over them & then carried to the car where the kennel was ready.
One of the fellas opened my door & the door to the kennel & the Owl was caught.
Then i got to hear some Owl & Eagle stories, much as i wanted to get going.
The fella who runs the Gas Bar came by to see if we needed help.
i told him i was looking for a ride to town for the Owl, so he said he*d spread the word.
It was all on facebook already.
Finally i got in my van again & debated what to do.
My least favourite part of rescue, finding a ride.
It was twenty to ten, so i figured i should go to the ferry.
But we were held up by the stop sign of the hydro crew.
i shut my van off, since it was such a long wait.
Then i started harassing the people behind me, hoping since they were lined up behind me, that maybe they were going for the ferry.
The second fella i asked told me i was the second person that day who had asked him if he was going to town.
i told him i had an injured Barred Owl that needed transport to MARS.
i told him his ferry would be covered.
He started looking MARS up on his cellphone, so i had high hope that i*d hooked him.
He was supposed to be working today, so he called who he was working for & was having a long conversation.
Meanwhile i was signalling other cars backed up behind me to go past when the hydro crew was signalling them that it was safe to do so.
i decided to start the van & pull over.
The fella behind me did too, still on the phone.
i was sitting there zoning out when he showed up at my window & made me jump.
i got out to talk to him.
He was game to go!
i asked him to follow me so i could give him gas money.
He said that*d be great, since he had an empty tank.
i got him $60 & he was thrilled, & even gave me a hug, yikes!
Then we moved the kennel from my car into his.
When he opened his sliding door to his van, i saw he was sleeping in there.
i had seen his van around, & maybe him, but i had no idea who he was.
For all i knew, he*d toss the Owl & keep the money & disappear.
But off he went.
Later in the day he called me to help him fill out the paperwork.
He was meeting someone from inside MARS outside, due to covid.
Then i heard the woman take the kennel & say they*d do what they could to help.
i*d asked him to keep my equipment, & he had asked for this, & my gear was given back to him after transferring the Owl to their own kennel.
He said he was heading back now.
So i was expecting him in a couple of hours, but it was well after dark when he phoned to tell me he was coming, & then arrived at my door & i was, again, in my nightgown.
He handed me my kennel & told me about his day.
He*d visited a friend & gone for a swim in the River!
A job well done.
i*d called MARS & they had just examined the Owl.
The Owl had nothing broken, perhaps a sore area on the wing, fat & well hydrated, definitely had a head injury, & was getting meds for pain & head injury.
i was expecting euthanasia!
The Owl was in such low response.
So things are sounding good for a change!

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Re: 2021
« Reply #2 on: March 09, 2021, 10:08:04 AM »
Well, two months later & the weather is finally good enough to let our Barred Owl free again!
France, from MARS, came over with a friend, bringing our Barred Owl with them.
It was suggested that closer to dark would be the best time for the release.
There were three young people watching & we did this in the gravel pit next to the Fire Hall.
This is just inland from the side of the main road where this poor Owl was found.
i was sure he was a goner, so i was very happy with this outcome!

march 8 2021 16:23 - head injured Barred Owl release


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Re: 2021
« Reply #3 on: March 11, 2021, 04:30:58 AM »
What a great outcome thanks to you Booni! Both for the head injured owl and for the homeless man. He was honest, caring of wildlife, and a man of his word.  I Hope his employer appreciates him. Thank you for posting this story.  It is a truly good news story in this discouraging time.