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February 17
  • Large Eagle found in Helliwell, injured from fighting, likely (euthanized at MARS due to multiple fight injuries.) Read the capture story & see fotos of the Eagle HERE

May 7
  • Adult male Eagle, injured from electrocution (euthanized at MARS due to electrocution injuries)

May 18
  • Great Blue Heron from the area near the Hornby ferry (euthanized at MARS due to infected injuries). Read the story HERE

July 8
  • "Big Blue" - bald eaglet from Tribune Bay area (evaluated and treated at MARS, transferred to OWL in August) Read the story & see fotos HERE

July 31
  • "Fathom" - seal pup from Phipp's Point (in care at IWNCC).  Read about Fathom's rescue and transport HERE

August 4
  • "Salal"  - bald eaglet from Whaling Station Bay area (evaluated and treated at MARS, to be transferred to OWL in August) Read the story & see fotos HERE

August 20
  • Seal Pup reported in Helliwell. Two searches from the Park unsuccessful. The next day a search done of the shore where Pup was last seen & tonight is a search of the shore from a kayak.  (edited to add: this seal pup was never located)

October 19
  • Seal Pup found by a family walking Helliwell Provincial Park. The pup was beached & had bleeding tail wounds. The family had him under a tub when i arrived with the Eagle kennel. They were able to herd him into the kennel then we took turns carrying him out to the parking lot. The family transported him to Ford Cove where he was taken by water taxi thanks to Jim Funk, to a pick up person on Vancouver Island. Pup arrived at Saltspring & is now in care. Story can be found here.