Author Topic: Nest 22 - Helliwell - 2012-2013 season  (Read 30592 times)

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Re: Nest 22 - Helliwell - 2012-2013 season
« Reply #60 on: November 09, 2013, 02:09:51 PM »
i have a lot to learn about what a healthy Seal pup looks like.
The ones we rescue always seem fine to me.
But then i look at what a healthy one is supposed to look like, like the two in these fotos.
No wrinkles, no bones showing, shape of skull blends into rest of body, no neck.
Healthy Seal pups are almost obscene in their fatness!
Like a blown up balloon.
i try to remember this.

august 22 2013 16:05 - Seal pups with Mothers & a Gull

One pup is older/larger than the other.

What a face.

These pups were never far from their Mothers.

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Re: Nest 22 - Helliwell - 2012-2013 season
« Reply #61 on: November 09, 2013, 08:56:27 PM »
:heart I think I recognize some of those moms and pups from the evening I went looking for that same seal pup with my kayak.

The Harlequin Duck in Booni's photo would be a non-breeding male. The immature males also look like that in their first winter, but at the end of August they still look brown overall, as I saw them during the Harlequin Project last year. This year the Harlequins returned from the nesting grounds earlier than last year. I saw many of them while I was looking for the seal pup.

These male Harlequins swam away from me but did not take flight. All the adults moult out their flight feathers when they return from the breeding grounds.
August 21, 6:23 pm

In this photo, the female standing up right in the middle looks plucked! No primaries or secondaries whatsoever on her wings. The next bird below her to her right has some new feathers starting to re-grow. The one on the far right, with some white on his wing coverts, is a male in non-breeding plumage. He looks kind of plucked too. The juveniles have a brand-new set of flight feathers already, so they don't moult. I think there is one just to the right of centre, with a wing partly open.
August 21, 7:03 pm