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Open Two Cams at One Time
« on: October 12, 2011, 09:58:26 AM »
To have two cams show on your computer at the same time:

While in the browser: Firefox,Safari

Go up to File and select New Window. Then you can go to the url you want and select a cam there. You can do the same again for another window, url and cam.  So you can have the forum up, and two cams up at the same time.

After you have what you want opened, you can arrange them on the desk top by grabbing the bottom right corner and making the page smaller or bigger.  From the top of the page at the top bar you can move the whole page around to your liking.

You can open as many as you feel comfortable seeing at one time and the size you want. You can also put some  pages on the dock to go back and forth with. To put a page on the dock, click on the yellow button in the upper left corner of page. To bring it back up, click on the page on the dock.
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