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Forum Rules
« on: March 29, 2011, 07:07:53 AM »
Forum Rules

We only have a few rules in our forum and we hope you will enjoy participating with us. This is a family-oriented site, and we welcome children to join with us in exploring and learning more about nature and wildlife. All posting requirements fall within this general guideline of family orientation and being safe for children.

  • This forum does not allow personal attacks or discussion of Politics or Religion

  • Marquis banners and animated avatars are not allowed in this forum, and smilies must be used in moderation. This is because those who suffer from migraines and other medical conditions can have adverse health reactions to them. (Repeats of the same smiley will be removed).

  • In consideration to other members with smaller monitors, please do not make the screen scroll.

  • Please limit pictures or videos to no more than five (5) per post, in order to keep page-loading times reasonable.

  • Opposing views are welcome.

The administration team reserves the right to edit or delete any posts which fail to comply with the rules, or which are not within the scope we feel is considered acceptable for a family-oriented site.

All decisions of the administration team are final.
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