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How to Record Screenshots and Video
« on: September 22, 2010, 06:40:11 PM »
To Record Video on a Mac and do Screenshots.

For a Mac:  The only good video recorder that I know of  for streaming cams is : SnapzProx from ambrosia.  You have to purchase it. It's a one time purchase.  It will record video and snaps.

You can do snaps without a capture program on a mac. There is a grab it already there.  Open Apple, shift ,3 . And Open Apple ,shift, 4.   One will snap the whole screen, and the other will give you a way to outline what you want to snap.

When you get SnapzProX you will have these same keys to capture or snap. Open Apple, shift, 3 gives you a  choice of video, snapscreen, or snap a selection. SnapzProX has a nice tutorial.

 If you just want to save it for yourself, once you record a video, change the name  so you'll know what is in it. You can save it  in pictures/or videos, or you can put it on the desk top.  You can then burn a CD of all.

After you record a video, to be able to post it, you have to put it on YouTube, Photobucket, Flicker, etc.
Before you can do that, you need to compress it and do any changes you want to it. For a mac you have a free one already if you have iworks installed.  It is imovie. Click imovie to open it, and then you can  Import video to imovie. If you don't need to make any changes, (click on the imported video and surround all of the part you want to work on, or export with the yellow band that comes up. Then move it into the top left box) you can then export the video to your desktop or videos. Make sure you name it first.

Now you can upload to YouTube, Photobucket, Flicker,etc.  Actually, you can upload direct to your YouTube from imovie if you already have a YouTube account.

I use Photobucket for snaps. There is a tutorial already here for that.

We have a tutorial for Flicker for macs too.

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