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Introduction to This Forum
« on: August 25, 2010, 04:29:57 PM »
Introduction to Our Nature Zone Forum

Welcome to Our Nature  Zone.  

This forum was established as a place to discuss the Hornby Island eagles and to bring together additional topics of interest to nature lovers. We hope you will explore the entire forum, which includes discussions on wildlife rehabilitation centers, volunteering, other webcams, a social "mix and mingle" area, and more.

In this section, we have gathered some links related to the Hornby Island webcam nest and information on other eagle nests on the island. We also provide links to tips that will help you navigate this forum.

Anytime you wish to return to the index, you may click on Our Nature Zone at top of page, OR touch anywhere on the banner at the top. ( I like to touch the frog's nose) lol

Hornby Nest Discussion, including screencaps and videos:

Other Bald Eagle Nests on Hornby  and what is happening there, including reports of any rescued eaglets:

Ground Observations of Mom and Dad Hornby's nest area, including winterwren's and boonibarb’s photos, videos, animations:

MARS: the rehabilitation center to which the Hornby Island eaglets have been taken, watch for updates here:

Technical Help, ask anything technical relating to the cam, website, and forum, and we’ll try and find an answer:

Reference Center: Facts & Findings about the Hornby Eagles: Identification Guide, Nesting History, Diet:

A few tips you might find useful:

Basic Functions of This Forum:

The Forum has four main parts

for further descriptions of these main parts:
Click here

How to Make a Post

How to Quote Someone’s Message

What is a Personal Message? (PM)

How do I know which posts I haven’t read yet?
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