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How to Make a Post
« on: August 25, 2010, 04:17:42 PM »
How to make a post

You can read the forum without registering, but to post, you must register and sign in.

The arrow point is where you’ll find the post/reply button, so that you can post a message. It is found at the bottom right of the last post of each topic, and at the top of every new page.

 bottom of last post

  top of each page

This takes you to a reply box, where you can type your message. Below the reply box, you can click on Preview to see your message and make any changes you wish.  When you are satisfied, click Post.

Reply  box

To use bold or color:

Run your mouse over the area you want bolded  to highlight  the area (hold button down and scroll over the area) Click B .

For Color, run your mouse over the area you want color, and once it's highlighted, click on change color, choose your color, and click.  Continue on.

The same applies to italics I , underline U, and cross out S , which are next to the B for bolding.

  :ecsmile To insert a smiles:  type to where you want a smiles, then take your cursor over to the smiles selection and click on the one you want.  :biggrin6   For further selections, click on [more]. You can also insert one wherever you put your cursor.

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