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Re: 2020
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 :eccry so sad - human caused suffering once more. Thank you for doing what you could Booni, and your friends as well. We have to find ways to control our human  activities and inventions in such a way that they do no harm. Meanwhile we need more humans like you. :heart

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Re: 2020
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Booni, I am So glad it found you,  to seek help and an unpainful death

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Re: 2020
« Reply #32 on: October 22, 2020, 09:57:55 AM »
It was a nice sunny cold day & i had been busy busy & came in the house to check the fire & first thing i did was check my phone messages, as there were two.
A fella who knew me from the past when i played softball had seen an Eagle on the beach at the edge of the Heron Rocks campsite location & they noticed the head seemed dirty & the Eagle was not budging from their perch, even when the people approached.
By the time i called the fella back, he was back home again & about to have a nice visit with the grandchildren, but i begged him to help me & meet me down there so i could find the Eagle & have their help with the capture.
We agreed to meet at the driveway next to the road where the mailboxes were.
i just leave all the capture gear in my van now, & we had a nice big kennel in there t hat i*d just been given, but i went to the cabin to get the cloth lined net & some towels, too.
By the time i arrived they were there waiting for me so i drove in & they followed me down into the campsite.
We decided on the easiest route to get in there.
Fortunately four people showed up to help me & the fellas offered to carry the kennel, which is heavy & awkward & has no handles.
We got down to the beach & there was the Eagle, perched on a log on the beach.
i got four fotos to document.
october 21 2020 16:27 - down Eagle

Even from afar, this Eagle looked GIGANTIC.
& there was some staining around the eye that looked like dried blood.
To me this Eagle looks like she is totally done in.
i put my camera down on top of a rock & asked everyone to help me remember to come back to get it!

The beach was slippery with mud & seaweed & big logs, & the guys were having a tough time lugging the big kennel closer to the Eagle.
Even with the five of us & the equipment being so close, the Eagle was not budging.
Now, what to do.
i gave everyone towels, a fella took the lined net.
i said we wanted to surround the Eagle from all sides to stop her from running away from us.
i figured she would run into the bank, which would help us to trap her.
We all moved in.
Either i would grab her with a towel or the fella would pop the net over her.
We all got quite close & she wasn*t moving at all.
Then she suddenly made a dash to the right but the fella was able to pop the net over her.
But she managed to get out & ran to the left!
She wasn*t even trying to fly, but just using her wings to help her move.
She wasn*t gaining any height at all.
The fella was able to trap her under the net, closer to the bank.
So, we had her!
But now what.
She is under there but we can*t see her at all & are trying to guess where her head was.
i lifted the metal rim of the net & could see one great big orange set of toes & big black talons.
i put my big gloves on & lifted the net up a bit more to grab the foot when i realized there was a great big head & eye right next to the foot & a nice big sharp yellow beak, too.
So, i put the net back down.
What to do.
i asked one of the fellas if he could see a foot where he was, on the right side of the net.
He could, so i asked him to grab it.
He did!
Now i went in from the left & grabbed the left foot.
So now we had both feet.
i told the fella i would grab both feet, so now i had a foot in each hand, & the Eagle was still under the net.
He had his towel so i asked him to cover her head as the net was lifted away.
He did.
i tried to lift from the feet to carry her to the kennel but this wasn*t working, so they brought the kennel closer.
Meantime, the fella put another towel over her head & i asked him to tuck it in under her breast & help me lift her to the kennel.
So, he had the head & the upper body, i held the feet.
He said, tail first?
i said, head first, & just pop her in there, towels & all.
She went right in & the towels fell away & there she was.
We had her!
Now the fellas had the hard time of lugging her back to the cars, over the slippery & log covered beach.
i remembered my camera & one of the women spotted it, yay.
We got back to our trucks & i suggested they take the kennel right away & then they*d be ready to go in the morning.
They*d already said that they were leaving the Island the next day & would take her in even though it was quite a bit out of their way as they were heading south not north.
They said it would be better if i took the kennel & then they would come get it on the way to the ferry in the morning.
So i drove her home & she spent the night in the covered kennel in my van.
i was lying in the dark this morning & i was pretty sure i heard her banging around in the kennel!
So she made it through the night.
i was wondering if she would.
So, knowing that the people were coming soon, i just went out to my van & opened the back quietly & peeled back the cover & there she was, right at the wire door, her face on the bottom of the kennel, eye looking right at me & pupil dilated, wings open a bit, she had died...

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