Author Topic: Deb's Transport, Transfer and Release Station 2019-2020  (Read 883 times)

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Re: Deb's Transport, Transfer and Release Station 2019-2020
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February 2020

I got a call from our Rehab director that a Red-tail that I picked up in November from right here on the edge of town was ready to be released.  Sunday the volunteer transporter stopped here to give me the bird,  I called the lady that reported the injured bird and she was unavailable.  Well I decided to go to the area and let her go anyways.   When I drove to the area there were few kids playing on the nearby playground and I decided to go an ask them if they wanted to see something really cool.
 They were all excited,  they came over to my car and as I got the box out they were asking all sorts of questions about the box.  I got my gloves on and told them to stand away from the box while I got out the surprise.   I got her out and was able to show about 8 kids this lovely female Red-tali Hawk.  One gal was there when we picked up this injured bird and she remember how hurt it was.  The hawk had a broken wing and also an abrasion on her breast.  She was all healed up and ready to go.
 We got everyone in position so they could watch her fly free.  Then the time came and the kids all counted down and we let her go,  that sure was special.

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