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Re: 2019
« Reply #30 on: July 04, 2019, 09:49:40 AM »
It was almost dark when i thought i heard banging at my front porch.
i looked out my upstairs window & sure enough, someone was out there.
Turns out it was my neighbour & he had a lovely girl with him.
He had his hands cupped & i could hear buzzing in there.
He told me his cat was batting around this tiny Hummingbird, so he captured them & brought them over to me, as he*d heard i could help.
Sure enough, tiny tiny Hummingbird.
The tail isn*t even grown in yet.
i put them in a box & called MARS.
They say bring her in, so i begin to arrange finding a ride in for the next morning.
i was told to offer sugar nectar with the barrel of a syringe.
i don*t plunge the syringe, i just put the tip of the little Hummer*s beak inside the hole.
i try this a few times but i don*t see her sipping.
Someone offers to go in on the first ferry!
So this morning i get up as soon as i am awake, 5:40 am.
i go check the Hummer & can hear buzzing & scritching inside the box.
The Hummer is still alive.
But she looks tired & her wings are askew rather than tucked in.
i offer nectar again but she doesn*t seem to me to be taking it.
Turns out Aaron is going to town on the first ferry & he offers to take the Hummer into MARS for me.
So i cancel the first offer, since she was going in just to deliver the Hummer.
Aaron is by minutes later & is off to the ferry line up with the Hummer.
i give him the syringe barrel & show him how to feed.

Here are the fotos i took to post on facebook to try to get a ride.
They don*t show how tiny this Hummer is.
Look at the little lovely spot of flashing gorget!
Perhaps an Anna*s?

july 3 2019 21:54 - fledgling injured Hummingbird

Aaron seems to be having better luck than me, feeding the little Hummer in the ferry line up!

july 4 2019 08:15 - injured Hummingbird fledgling - by Aaron

At Buckley Bay he is to get out & go to the ticket booth & tell them what he is doing so that he gets a free set of ferry trips for doing this.
i phone ahead to get the wheels turning for this.
He took this foto just before he got to Buckley Bay.

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Re: 2019
« Reply #31 on: July 04, 2019, 10:39:45 AM »
What a community~!

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Re: 2019
« Reply #32 on: July 23, 2019, 10:22:26 AM »
Last friday was a THREE rescue day!
i worked in the morning, did some shopping on the way home, & got home to many messages from Marielle.
A family at Sandpiper had found a Seal pup there.
i said, sure i*d help, but could the family meet me there?
Finding a Seal pup is like finding a needle in a haystack.
They blend in so well with their surroundings, as they are meant to, & Sandpiper is a HUGE stretch of hard to walk rocky shore & the pup could be anywhere.
The family had already gone home when Marielle couldn*t reach me, but then they agreed to meet me there at the parking lot!
The daughter was invested in helping the Seal pup!
So, yay daughter.
Went down there with the rescue gear & there was the family waiting for me.
He had described to me where to look, but i was EXTREMELY grateful that they were there to show me, as i probably never would have found the pup otherwise.
The tide was out & the kids found the pup, making their way painfully towards the water, which was a long ways away.
It was a HOT afternoon.
i just popped a towel over her head & picked her up.
It always amazes me how heavy they are.
& they squirm!
Marielle said 19 lbs.
20-25 is normal, for this age.
The fella put a towel in the bottom of the tub & i popped her in.
What a cutie.
Her face was unusual, more like an Otter that a Seal pup.
We called Marielle & she asked for another foto.
She told me to wet the pup with water, to keep her cool.
Sometimes she says to do this, sometimes not.
She knows her stuff.
i just do what she says.
Then she arranged for Jim Funk to meet us at Ford Cove to start the trip to Saltspring.
i was VERY grateful for the help of the family.
Also because they helped carry.
i would have had a hard time lugging that tub with pup inside all the way back to my car.
It was hard enough walking as it was.
When i mentioned the Otter face, Marielle laughed.
She has the sweetest laugh.
Kinda like ajl.
She agreed that the pup looked a bit different than they usually do.
So, i go down to Ford Cove with the pup & Jim is already there.
i hear from the Harbour Master that there is another Seal pup, spotted & heard near the floating dock.
Jim takes us over there & we have a look.
Meantime, Jean, the Harbour Master, got in his tiny zodiac type boat & came over to join us.
i spotted & heard the pup!
They popped up & called out, then dipped down again.
It would be nice to catch this guy & send two at once!
i have my net, ready to scoop, but we never see the pup again.
Jean took me to have a bit of a look, then brought me back to the dock.
Meantime, Jim blasted off to Deep Bay for his meeting with the volunteers waiting there to take the pup the next leg of the journey.

So, i go back home, feeling pleased & hungry, but another call awaits me.
A year old Buck was hit by speeding cars in the night.
Someone put him on Whaling Station Bay to feed the Birds.
Someone else called me to say this wasn*t right & could i please take him away.
Well, it is NOT in my job description, but this isn*t the first time i*ve dealt with a call like this.
i don*t mind, but i don*t like to use my van to move the Deer.
i need a pickup truck.
Fortunately a fella offers to help, who did have a pickup & didn*t mind using it for this.
Met them there & he got a wheelbarrow & we went to the beach & lifted the Buck in & then lifted him into the back of the truck.
i was wearing my nice new rainbow dress & all the blood & brain matter in the poor Buck*s ear dumped all down the front of my dress.
Needed to get home & scrub that out quick.
We brought the Buck to the Gravel Pit & already there were four Turkey Vultures circling overhead.
Okay, i*m really hungry now.
i discovered The Thatch Pub has nightly specials, so i order one for my supper, then go down there with my containers to pick it up.
It looks yummy.
i go back home to eat it while i do my dishes, but there is a phone message from Marielle.
A family at Ford Cove has spotted the Seal pup off the rocks between Ford Cove & Heron Rocks & could i go help them to scoop him up?
The pup is swimming, not beached.
But i don*t have a boat.
i head down there anyway.
My dinner cools off, waiting for me.
There is no parking!
i drive around a few times then throw myself into a spot on the side of the road.
The fella is waiting for me & takes my gear & walks away.
These young people walk so fast & i am having a hard time keeping up.
Plus i have to watch my step on the rocks.
Turns out Granpa is in his kayak & the pup is swimming nearby.
They disappear then come back up & squawk.
i have never heard a pup call so much.
Good thing he stays near the kayak!
We give Granpa my net & he tries to scoop the pup from the water in his kayak.
It is not easy.
& my net is lined with fine mesh netting & an old nightgown so that we don*t damage Eagle feathers when we need to net them.
The net is filling with water & there is too much drag to catch the pup.
Granpa tries over & over & over again.
It looks like he catches him.
But he has no success.
& now the pup isn*t hanging around the kayak.
He is popping up farther away & Granpa needs to paddle out to him to keep trying.
i finally tell him to cut out the linings.
All that work i did by hand & will now have to do again...
But it makes the net a LOT more manageable.
But in the meantime, after all the failed attempts, the pup has gotten farther & farther away.
He is now over towards Heron Rocks.
We have to give up.
It is awful to have to call Marielle & explain what happened.
You can hear she is heart broken.
She calls me the next day & asks me to look again but i am working.
She calls a friend of mine & they go down to Ford Cove & look & they spot Turkey Vultures & Eagles.
Sure enough, a long dead, partly eaten Seal pup.
They don*t believe Marielle when she says this can*t be the same pup.
But Marielle knows her stuff.
When i see the fotos my friends took, i see that this cannot be the lively calling pup of the night before.
This one has been dead a while, has no fur, & is swollen from being in the water a while.
Also partly eaten.
But a Seal pup.
This is what happens when people see & watch & wait & let Nature take her course.
Or when they say the mother comes back for the pup.
Which she doesn*t, in these situations.
Marielle can tell from the information she gathers that a pup is alone & Motherless.

i go back home hungry & tired to my cold dinner, which i eat at 9:30 pm.

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Re: 2019
« Reply #33 on: July 23, 2019, 10:46:38 AM »
There was another interesting rescue call in there, that i forgot to write about.
i got a call from a woman at MARS.
There was a Fawn needing rescue!
My first one!
The mother was dead.
She gave me an address & a number to call & it turned out it was the police!
He told me there was a Fawn & the mother was hit by a car.
i told him i did wildlife rescue on Hornby & he was happy to take my number for future reference.
i headed to the address i had been given.
A lovely couple met me there.
They had heard about me from some fella, & went to my place, but i wasn*t there.
Turned out they went to the place i used to live in 17 years ago!
They have an OLD Hornby phonebook.
They took me to where the body of the mother was.
She didn*t look hit by a car, to me.
She was way inland, next to their house.
There was no sign of injury.
But there can be internal, invisible injury, from a car.
But the Fawn was gone.
The poor thing had been sleeping inside his Mother*s neck.
They had gone to the police, to the Co-op, to the Fire Hall, looking for help.
Meantime the Fawn left.
MARS had asked them to catch the Fawn, but they didn*t want to.
So they went looking for me.
Now the Fawn was gone.
& they wanted me to remove the Mother.
i promised them i would do that, but could we please leave her for a while, so the Fawn would come back to her?
They reluctantly agreed.
i called MARS when i got home & she was angry that they hadn*t listened to her & now we didn*t have the poor Fawn.
The couple had seen the Mother & Fawn, ever since they had arrived, & something seemed to be wrong with the Mother.
So perhaps she had some sort of infection or something from giving birth.
Later that day, i got a call from the couple.
They had company coming & could i please take the Mother away?
So i called for help from a fella with a pickup & we went there.
Meantime their company had arrived.
& no sign of the Fawn.
i think they were regretting big time now, that they hadn*t gotten the Fawn while they had the chance.
They said they*d keep looking, & they kept my rescue gear in case they spotted the poor thing.
We loaded the Mother into my friend*s truck & brought her to the Gravel Pit.
The couple was SO grateful.
He insisted i take $40.
i have a HEART envelope that any donations like this go into.
i save them for when they are needed for rescue.
He wanted me to keep it, for my expenses, but i told him i don*t do that.

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Re: 2019
« Reply #34 on: July 23, 2019, 02:46:17 PM »
My gosh booni what a DAY!! Thank you so much for all you do, and your poor dress !!

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Re: 2019
« Reply #35 on: October 13, 2019, 09:21:59 AM »

It was friday night & i*d just sat down at my computer when i saw notifications on the Hornby facebook pages mentioning my name.
Often this indicates injured wildlife.
Sure enough, a woman had found a Bird sitting stunned in the middle of the road & was able to approach & even pick up the Bird in her face mask.
october 11 2019 - injured Thrush in mask

She was concerned about the beak.

She*d put the Bird in a box, but she has cats & the cats were SUPER interested, so she asked if i could take the Bird overnight.
In the morning her daughter was going to town & could bring the Bird to MARS.
So i said i*d take the Bird.
A bit later she brought the Bird by.
i transferred the Bird into a bigger box with a facecloth in the bottom, & put the box in my cool pantry where it is quiet & dark for the night.
Next morning the Bird is scritching & jumping around in there, so i called MARS.
They said if someone was coming in to town, may as well send the Bird in, so i told the woman this & she came later in the morning & picked the Bird up.
i am thinking this is a Swainson*t Thrush.
They are the ones who sing so lovely in early summer.
Here is the Bird upon intake at MARS.

october 12 2019 - injured Thrush at MARS

Ah, drat, just spoke to MARS, the poor Bird died overnight, unknown trauma, but likely hit by a car or hit a window.

Oh, the woman who found the Bird called MARS after me, as she suspected poison was the cause of the death.
She told me - I just spoke to them and it was severe head trauma & a virus called Pox

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Re: 2019
« Reply #36 on: October 13, 2019, 09:30:19 AM »
I am so sorry to hear that it didn't make it booni

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Re: 2019
« Reply #37 on: October 13, 2019, 11:00:00 AM »
Thank you for caring and acting Booni. I have said this before and I know this is the human in me speaking but for all that is done in animal rehabbing and they die, at least they were with someone and loved on their way out of this world. Thank you again and again Booni!
Your soul lights up the room as if the sun is beaming directly.