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Welcome to Mom and Dad Hornby's home.  Watchers of Mom and Dad Hornby have coined many words and phrases to describe various moves / actions by the eagles.  The majority of words listed here are playful inventions, but some --- like  "fledge", "mantle", and "pip" --- are real terms used by biologists.

Hopefully this list will help newcomers and refresh the memories of previous viewers.

'Barkley' = The name members gave to the piece of bark from the tree stump. It first appeared around June 17, 2010.  Phoenix moved it around, buried it, and even cuddled with it. A new 'security' toy, seen in this video by 'beans'.

Beak-to-beak Play = The eaglets often rub and/or gently tap beaks together. It is an eagle sign of affection. Also performed during mating rituals by adults.

Branching = The eaglet begins to perch on branches outside the nest.

Brekkie = Canadian for the first Food Drop of the day for the eaglets.

BRH =  'Blue-roofed House'. See the second map located HERE.

Brooding = The parents incubate the eggs by resting on them so that they are in contact with the incubation or 'brood' patch. Hatching chicks and nestlings require more room, freedom of movement and air to breath so the parents brood them (keep them warm and dry) using a more upright position.

BST = 'Babysitting Tree'.  See the second map located HERE.

Cachunk = The hoarse, raspy sound Mom makes when she throws back her head and calls.

Croodling = The low, soft vocalizations made by the parents in the nest. Term coined by typoscount2.

Dadoration = the tendency of Hornby cam viewers to think Dad Hornby is the greatest (coined by Trixie)

'Dudley' = The name members gave to the egg which didn't hatch in 2010 (after 'Phoenix' hatched). The name was given to the egg when it became obvious the parents were not going to remove it from the nest.  But really it wasn't a dud, as 'Dudley' served as Phoenix's security / cuddly blanket, so to speak.

Feaking = rubbing the beak on a branch (or rock) to clean it. (legitimate term used by falconers)

Flap-dancing = Eaglet wing exercises performed while steppin’, hoppin’ or jumpin’ about on the nest.

Flappercise = Eaglet wing exercises performed while branching or on the nest.

Flatlet = Eaglet lying belly down in the nest, especially after eating a large food drop.

Flatulet = Maker of audible poopshot

Fleap (fleaping)= The eagle's 'flying leap' to the edge of the nest, cam box or nearby branch.  

Fledge = What an eaglet does when it flies away from the nest for the first time.

Hornby Wiggle = settling down movements on the eggs to make sure the incubation patch is in good alignment and contact with the eggs. The incubation patch develops a supplemental set of vessels that bring blood close to the surface of the skin, which keeps the eggs warm. The wiggle is done after the eggs are turned and when the eagles exchange places on the nest. Here is an example of the wiggle: First Exchange of the Day

HP (Hanky Panky) = Mating.

Mantling = What an eagle does to protect its food catch / delivery from other eagles. It spreads its wings and tail to cover the food supply.

Mumbrella =  What Mom Hornby becomes to provide her eggs/eaglets protection and warmth in a storm (similar to ''mantling")

Nestalgia = Feeling of nostalgia when cam is down, birds are absent.  Word coined by Typoscount 2 and Boonibarb in mid-Dec. 2009

Nest Bowl = The depression in the center of the nest (also called nest cup).

Nestorations = What Mom and Dad Hornby do to make sure the nest is safe and secure. They bring in moss, twigs, and branches, then move them around and rearrange them.

Nestovers = Leftover pieces of food that the eaglets find in the nest after the main item was eaten. Eaglets are messy eaters who leave bits of food all over the nest. When hunger strikes and there isn't fresh food, they peck and search the nest for the remains.

Oz= The chat room associated with the archived (taped) segments, where viewers are often also redirected if the live broadcast stops for some reason.

Peeping /Screeping = Vocalizations by about-to hatch chicks and nestlings that communicate various things to the parents (such as, "I'm here"; "Feed me"; "Brood me").

Pip = The small hole that is made when the eaglet's beak first breaks through the shell during the hatching process.

Peep Fest = What an eaglet does, when it realizes food might be on the way.

Poop-Shot = What eaglets do after they've digested their food. An eaglet will backup to the edge of the nest, dip its head, raise its tail and fire a load out of the nest.

Pre-First-Flight Prep = First flight check sequence: Head bobbing, and looking around followed by a quick Poop-Shot with more head bobbing and looking around followed very quickly by the eaglet leaning forward by rotating at the hips, jumping and taking wing for the 1st time.

PT = 'Peters' Tree'.  See the second map located HERE.

Scootch = is seen during nest preparation. The eagle (usually Dad Hornby) pushes nest bowl material back with his feet. Then using a side to side wriggle to shape the bowl, settles / hunkers down over the eggs. (originated in 2010)

Scrape = The pushing-back action an eagle makes with its foot to push material from the center of the nest bowl (originated in 2010).

Screeping = This is a noise made by an eaglet (usually a hungry, impatient eaglet). The sound combines "peeping" with "screeching" to form "screep". Also, this is a sound made by an eaglet that is unforgettable and lets you know that your computer sound volume should be turned down.

Shuggle = 'Shuggle' means to shake. When an eagle does this it is like a shiver from head to toe, in order to remove dust, straighten their feathers and / or shake off rain drops. The move also lets air through the feathers. As seen in this video by 'beans'

Sleep = A state that other people experience; Hornby Eagles Cam fans excepted.

Trill = Musically speaking a trill is defined as a ‘rapid alternating between two tones’, but for Hornby eagle watchers, it’s a term possibly derived from ‘thrill’ or perhaps ‘downhill’  and refers to the adults’ rapidly descending series of tones. You’ll know it when you hear it. Dad is the soprano, Mom is the tenor.   July 21, 2010 hotspots by Madrona. Part 1 AND Part 2.  Thanks to 'gzebear' for the help with this one. :ecsmile
Ventilating = When warm, eagles on the nest will gently move their wings in order to circulate the air through the feathers. This action helps to cool them.

'Wilson' = The name Chat room members use when referring to opossums.  There is a story behind this related to the eagles diet written by Chat and Forum member Madrona. Opossums on Hornby Island.

Wingersize = Eaglet wing exercises performed while branching or on the nest.

'Woody' = The name given to a large branch in the nest which moved around and was in front of the closeup camera for some time.  On June 13, 2010, Phoenix used all her strength to move it to the front of nest  :ecsmile. Hotspot by 'typoscount2'

Note: Update from Feb. 2011 re 'Hotspots' possibly being available later in 2011.
July 26, 2012 - Due to changes in WildEarth's set up, 'Hotspots' are no longer available./ BBE
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