Author Topic: Memorial Service for Dudley the Egg (June 2010)  (Read 12080 times)

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Memorial Service for Dudley the Egg (June 2010)
« on: June 14, 2010, 01:08:37 PM »
:heart Memorial Service For Dudley the Egg, June 14, 2010 :heart

Order of Service:
Welcoming remarks
Opening words and passing of the feather, Mishi.

Euleggy part 1, and music (with apologies to Wordsworth):

What though the radiance which was once so bright
Be now for ever taken from my sight,
Though nothing can bring back the hour
Of Dudley in the grass, of glory in the flower;
We will grieve not, rather find
Strength in what remains behind;
In the primal sympathy
Which having been must ever be;
In the soothing thoughts that spring
When the cam's not buffering;
In the faith that looks through death,
In years that bring the philosophic mind.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Heartfelt words by Hornbyites; lunch.

Closing: euleggy part 2, and last musical selection:

Do not stand by my shell and weep. I am not there, I do not screep.
I live on as part of mom; I am with her, I am not gone!
We soar above the world, so high - together still, with her I fly.
Do not stand by my shell and cry. I am not there, I did not die!
Next year again upon this nest I shall lie beneath her breast.
At last, my turn will come next spring, when I will test my little wing.
Do not stand by my shell and grieve. I live on; in that, believe.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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There is nothing in which the birds differ more from man than the way in which they can build and yet leave a landscape as it was before.  ~Robert Lynd, The Blue Lion and Other Essays

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Memorial Service for Dudley the Egg
« Reply #1 on: June 15, 2010, 08:20:16 PM »

opiek: (09:51) right on time ubc
getreel: (12:50) does any one know/remember when the eggs were laid?
amazedbyeagles: (09:51) Monday Morning Event at Hornby!
bayofundy: (13:50) Here for the service
lookylo: (09:51) we are all a liittl OZ!!
donnae: (21:11) I have dressed in my period widow’s dress for the occasion and have a vacant nest by me for dudley!!
bettehale: (12:52) Hello everyone
basenjimom: (11:51) This is great with the music playing in another tab
imaneaglewatcher: (09:51) Dad is providing the backup on the song
lauren-aint-boren: (11:51) brb
opiek: (09:52) hi bette
songbirdsing: (11:52) Did everyone sign the condolance book?
only_an_egg: (09:52) guests: please at this time eggstinguish all smoking materials
mishikeenhquay: (12:52) sounds like people being seated in aa church!! lol
bettehale: (12:53) Hi Opie–I brought snacks
opiek: (09:52) eggy  
only_an_egg: (09:52) hi opie
squirrelygirl: (12:53) need to turn cell phones off
basenjimom: (11:53) Dot? got your hat on?
mishikeenhquay: (12:53) seven minutes….please find your seats
tigerlady105: (09:53) Hello Hornby Friends. It’s nice to see you all here for this special occasion.
getreel: (12:52) does anyone know/remember when the eggs were laid?
donnae: (21:13) ty bv, shouldn’t effect me too much as I am on it in the wee hours of the morning!!!
only_an_egg: (09:53) and well… pass to the left.. whatever bob is smoking
mishikeenhquay: (12:53) good morning tiger
opiek: (09:53) hi tiger
bettehale: (12:54) Can I sit by you Opie?
knitmaster36: (12:53) can I get an aisle seat or am I too late?
momola: (09:53) OMG Hard to find an empty space in the pews here this am.
amazedbyeagles: (09:53) someone must have the date, get
sugarfree6996: (13:53) april29? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
imaneaglewatcher: (09:53) nice song
opiek: (09:53) yes bette
only_an_egg: (09:53) *scootches over so knit can sit
nancym: (12:54) March 20 and March 24
bayofundy: (13:53) Nice to see all here,or checking in
dancinglady: (09:54) Good morning all….listen to that lovely music. Have they lit the candles yet?
getreel: (12:53) not hatched, laid
donnae: (21:13) first egg was Apr. 29th which I think was Dudley??
mishikeenhquay: (12:54) thanks nancym
amazedbyeagles: (09:54) April 29 was when Phoe hatched
knitmaster36: (12:54) thanks only – I/m taking notes for mojo
getreel: (12:53) thank you, nancym
only_an_egg: (09:54) that was hatch not lay
basenjimom: (11:54) BOB sits in his own pew!!  
knitmaster36: (12:54) in the back, bas?
imaneaglewatcher: (09:54) where’s california?
amazedbyeagles: (09:54) 30 days before april 29, or thereabouts
lauren-aint-boren: (11:54) back
nancym: (12:55) that is all I have to say (broken up with emotion, here)
opiek: (09:54) lol basenji
bettehale: (12:55) Oh my, Base what a play on words–on such a solemn occasion too
dancinglady: (09:54) so who is officially….officiating?
donnae: (21:14) your right, boy I am losing it!!
mishikeenhquay: (12:55) bob will not be with us this morning,,,he has lawyer things to do
sunny-ala: (11:55) Standing room only now?
boodle317: (11:55) was Mojo here knit?
basenjimom: (11:55) yesterday he had to open a window. The bran was working  
duckynana: (12:54) over 100 attending so far
celas654: (12:55) Hello everyone
lauren-aint-boren: (11:55) 102 users in chat room
squirrelygirl: (12:55) did Bob find his sock, wouldn’t want him to have one sock on, one sock off, diddle diddle dumpling, our BuffaloBob
amazedbyeagles: (09:55) What a CROWD for Dudley!!!
birdvoyer: (12:55) Tissue nancym?
typoscount2: (13:55) have to run, looks like rain coming, need to do a bit of work in the flower beds before then rain, ttfn folkes
bettehale: (12:55) Hi cela
celas654: (12:55) Are there assigned seats or can we sit anywhere???
momola: (09:55) I brought EGG NOG!
roxymom: (12:55) you guys crack me up
sugarfree6996: (13:55) and growing
only_an_egg: (09:55) hb typos
amazedbyeagles: (09:55) you’ll miss the fun, typo…
patience: (09:55) how long until he leaves the nest? Anybody?
nancym: (12:56) sniff
opiek: (09:55) bye typos
dancinglady: (09:55) awwww typos we’ll miss you!
getreel: (12:55) 104 humans in here right now and growing- Dudley was a good egg
donnae: (21:15) bye typos!! hb
only_an_egg: (09:55) anywhere you can find celas
gzebear: (12:55) knitmaster, are you copying chat for Mojo?
churchlady: (12:55) did I miss anything yet? Hi everyone…..
sugarfree6996: (13:56) bye typos hb
eviemae: (11:56) lol mom
karleen: (09:56) Whew, glad I made it on time!
roxymom: (12:56) sh church
birdvoyer: (12:56) afk
amazedbyeagles: (09:56) hi church
allcotton: (12:56) I will try to post again. Providing I’m not kicked out again!
javacats: (09:56) whew, made it just in time
bayofundy: (13:55) everyone set a good eggs sample now
typoscount2: (13:56) idont do funerals, unless i have to , even for real not living things ,
opiek: (09:56) hi church
allcotton: (12:56) Is it my breath?!
getreel: (12:55) any body want to stand in the back with me?
opiek: (09:56) hi karleen
tigerlady105: (09:56) Hi Mishi, Opiek, Bette, Knit, Momola, Amaced BV, Only, NancyM, Sugar, Bette, Donnae, Boodle, Patience, Gze, Church, Getreal, Allcoton, Roxy, Basenji, Ducky, Celeste, Squirrel, and all the ships at sea. Hope I  haven’t left anyone out.
sugarfree6996: (13:56) glad you made it sis
getreel: (12:55) hi tiger
momola: (09:56) I’m so eggcited!
lookylo: (09:56) hi tiger
eviemae: (11:56) tiger…. grrrr.
amazedbyeagles: (09:56) wow, tiger, that was good!
squirrelygirl: (12:56) hi tiger
javacats: (09:56) hi tiger and all
bayofundy: (13:56) would,miss it for all the eggs everywhere
bettehale: (12:57) (((tiger)))
opiek: (09:57) hi java
amazedbyeagles: (09:57) 107 names would take an hour to recite!
dancinglady: (09:57) I’ve written a little speechie when the time comes  
basenjimom: (11:57) Hi tiger!
roxymom: (12:57) Bye Dudley. We’ll be seeing you in all the old familiar places.
birdvoyer: (12:57)  Hi tigerlady
sugarfree6996: (13:57) wtg dancing
tigerlady105: (09:57) Allcotton. The collage is wonderful. May I make a puzzle for the forum with it? HiBaby, Lookylo, Evie, Squirrely
opiek: (09:57) good dancing
dancinglady: (09:57) brb
javacats: (09:57) yay dancing
mishikeenhquay: (12:57) when we begin there will be an opening statement…then songs..for those wishing to speak…we will pass the talking feather…per ajls request. PLEASE respect all speakers
getreel: (12:57) yes, thank you for the collage, allcotton- very nicely done
amazedbyeagles: (09:57) dancing in the church??? behind the pews?
roxymom: (12:58) lol
duckynana: (12:57) save room in front row for next-of-kin
amazedbyeagles: (09:58) Is the food ready?
lauren-aint-boren: (11:58) Nice peeps
tigerlady105: (09:57) I think Bob said he couldn’t be here because he has to go to court.
mishikeenhquay: (12:58) ajl has requested that i start the services
boodle317: (11:58) Mishy….I think you should officiate in Bob’s abscence
imaneaglewatcher: (09:58) LOL mamola
lauren-aint-boren: (11:58) or eat bran
eviemae: (11:58) nice mis…
boodle317: (11:58) oh good..
opiek: (09:58) we are ready mishi
roxymom: (12:58) you’re on ajl
tigerlady105: (09:58) Hi Lauren, Iman
knitmaster36: (12:58) sorry gzebear, was afk – yes I’m going to try to – wouldn’t hurt to have a backup  
eviemae: (11:58) lol lauren…..
mishikeenhquay: (12:58) two minutes
birdvoyer: (12:58) I would not consider this a church…more of a garden setting to me
lauren-aint-boren: (11:58) hello
lidarose9: (09:58) AJL asked mishi to officiate
boodle317: (11:58) as it should be
roxymom: (12:58) oh
dancinglady: (09:58) hmmmm….my word processor is not letting me copy-and-paste  
tigerlady105: (09:58) Hi Knit, Lida
boodle317: (11:59) is ajl attending?
bayofundy: (13:58) everyone got tissues
amazedbyeagles: (09:58) pews in the garden….
sugarfree6996: (13:58) lighting candle
birdvoyer: (12:59) sure
roxymom: (12:59) I hope you’re enjoying this bob.
javacats: (09:59) got a whole box ready bay
imaneaglewatcher: (09:58) Hear Hear for Dudley, he’s gone on to that celestial quiche in the sky
opiek: (09:59) yes ajl said she would be a little late
dancinglady: (09:59) I’ll post it later, I guess
lidarose9: (09:59) ajl said she would be a bit late
gzebear: (12:59) knit, americangirl is also going to try to copy chat for mojo
only_an_egg: (09:59) lol iman
bettehale: (12:59) Opie and I are ready sniff sniff
boodle317: (11:59) ok ty
roxymom: (12:59) amen
tigerlady105: (09:59) Strewing rose petals on the aisle.
basenjimom: (11:59) I can pull the hearse in again if you’d like.
momola: (09:59) I am lighting the incense
ubc-rocks: (09:59) 110 of us in attendence
javacats: (09:59) lol iman
boodle317: (11:59) let us slow chat just a bit so that Mishy may begin?
roxymom: (12:59) omg
helinwa: (09:59) RIP Dudley. Can’t stay, but I’m donating 2 dozen deviled eggs. Later, peeps.
only_an_egg: (09:59) eggshells to eggshells, thrus to thrush…
lauren-aint-boren: (11:59) please in a color like blue though
knitmaster36: (12:59) mojo will get it for sure – in multiples!
squirrelygirl: (12:59) mishi, change your font to yellow
roxymom: (12:59) thanks heslina
tigerlady105: (09:59) Hi Helio
knitmaster36: (13:00) I brought eggs ovr easy
donnae: (21:19) lol Only!!!
only_an_egg: (09:59) lol
imaneaglewatcher: (09:59) OMG helinwa! LOL
helinwa: (10:00) Hi all. RIP, Dudley, miss you.
donnae: (21:20) Hi Tiger
tigerlady105: (10:00) I made egg bread (challah).
roxymom: (13:00) Who’s holding the wake?
luvthebirds: (10:00) hello made it
boodle317: (12:00) hymn playing…..shhhhhhhhhhh
sparkie: (13:00) MUm add her blessing
boodle317: (12:01) yes she is
roxymom: (13:00) Where should I put my salad. There’s mayo in it
amazedbyeagles: (10:01) hi luv! We’re waiting for the officiator!
janeb: (14:01) awwwwwwww
donnae: (21:20) Booni in her lovely garden!!!
tigerlady105: (10:00) The wake will be out on Grassy Point.
lauren-aint-boren: (12:01) idk she ate it
auroradawn: (10:01) <<< and when did it get eatin? is there a hotspot?

ajl: (12:01) Good morning friends. We are gathered together to remember our friend Dudley.
gzebear: (13:01) shh
imaneaglewatcher: (10:01) Dad says, let the service begin, Oh is that MOM
mishikeenhquay: (13:01) Boozhoo…Indenawaymaagin…(hello…welcome to all of my relations….we are here today to pay respect to a wonderful egg…a member of our family…. we will now listen to a song sung by one of our  roomfamily….( cue music)
roxymom: (13:01) good tiger
only_an_egg: (10:01) hi eggjl
tigerlady105: (10:01) Hi Aurora
camillav: (13:01) with pinecone decorations
javacats: (10:01) morning ajl
donnae: (21:21) quiet please!!!
luvthebirds: (10:01) ty amazed… will try to stay  
donnae: (21:21) the service has begun!!!
roxymom: (13:01) sh
boodle317: (12:01) will mom’s tweet suffice for our music?
sidneygal: (10:01) Hi all – (bowing low)
roxymom: (13:01) of course boodle
mishikeenhquay: (13:02) yes… boodle….
bayofundy: (14:01) yes boodle
boodle317: (12:02) wonderful
ajl: (12:02) Please open a new browser so that you can participate in the music.
boodle317: (12:02) so fitting
auroradawn: (10:02) put your money in the collection plate
boodle317: (12:02) ahhh….good idea ajl
amazedbyeagles: (10:02) oh dear, I feel a computer crash coming….
mishikeenhquay: (13:02) +handing ajl the talking feather
donnae: (21:22) wish I knew how, but I will hum a few tunes!!
roxymom: (13:02) I think they know there’s a service taking place
great_bear: (12:02) I can’t sing
ajl: (12:02) We will open with a song by Only an Egg and Bob:
javacats: (10:02) wheres pop
boodle317: (12:03) lovely
amyklai: (13:03) here
squirrelygirl: (13:03) nice
allcotton: (13:03) I was asked to post this at the opening
bettehale: (13:03) He didnt like Dud–He killed him
roxymom: (13:03) Thanks bob and only
amazedbyeagles: (10:03) Perfect!
tigerlady105: (10:03) Allcotton, the chat is going fast. Did you see my questions about the collage?
javacats: (10:03) nice ajl
ajl: (12:03) What though the radiance which was once so bright
Be now for ever taken from my sight,
great_bear: (12:03) lovely song, no more turning for Dudley
sugarfree6996: (14:03) wonderful
luvthebirds: (10:03) how apt, only, mrs egg turner thanks you
roxymom: (13:03) oh ajl
ajl: (12:03) Though nothing can bring back the hour
Of Dudley in the grass, of glory in the flower;
We will grieve not, rather find
Strength in what remains behind;
boodle317: (12:03) perfect allcotton
javacats: (10:03) thats great cotton
amazedbyeagles: (10:04) Very fitting, ajl! Lovely!
ajl: (12:04) In the primal sympathy
Which having been must ever be;
In the soothing thoughts that spring
When the cam’s not buffering;
In the faith that looks through death,
In years that bring the philosophic mind.
netnanny: (14:04) very nice, ajl
donnae: (21:23) ty mishi
great_bear: (12:04) I don’t have a feather.bawwwwww
ajl: (12:04) Talking feather to Mishi.
bayofundy: (14:03) tears,tears tears
boodle317: (12:04) sniff sniff
roxymom: (13:04) Here great use mine
opiek: (10:04)  ))
great_bear: (12:04) ty ty roxy
netnanny: (14:04) sob
donnae: (21:24) pass the kleenex
bettehale: (13:05) boo hoooo
javacats: (10:05) boo hoo
great_bear: (12:04) tissues all around
sidneygal: (10:05) her’s my hankie nanny
amyklai: (13:05) tears
roxymom: (13:05) anananananan
opiek: (10:05) there there bette
mishikeenhquay: (13:05) thank you …i want to thank all of you…and dudley…for teaching me about the circle of life
donnae: (21:24) need your shoulder Only
momola: (10:05) Have some of my egg nog!
great_bear: (12:05) come on Elton….sing
only_an_egg: (10:05) i always knew duds would make a grand eggzit
lizardknight: (12:05) what is everyone crying about?
celas654: (13:05) This is soooo sad
mishikeenhquay: (13:05) dudley will live in my heart as an eggsample of goodness
roxymom: (13:05) lol great
sunny-ala: (12:05) COD in honor of Dudley’s absence?
mishikeenhquay: (13:05) PASSES FEATHER TO TIGER
sidneygal: (10:05) “) only – smiles instead of tears
janeb: (14:05) Passing Kleenex Around To All You Eagleholics!!!
only_an_egg: (10:05) it is a memorial for the passing of dudly lizard
songbirdsing: (12:06) I can’t stop crying
boodle317: (12:06) mom couldn’t stay…sniff sniff
great_bear: (12:06) Hello mom, dad, Phoenix, assortment of friends from near and far. We are here to remember Dudley. You may remember Dudley as Eggbert. Once it was confirmed that Eggbert was nothing but a DUD. I  thought it was a good idea to rename Eggbert and call him Dudley, and Dudley was born, er, renamed *sniff*. Dudley was both a pin in the neck and a comfort To both Phoenix and dad, mom humoured them both. *hick* scuse me. Sit down in front, where did that *hick* olive go…slurp. Ooops, sorry for bumping into you, didn’t mean to break you or anything. A moment of silence please…….Woody, get down unless you have a few words to say and stop sniffing my glass……….thank you.
lizardknight: (12:06) oooh
roxymom: (13:06) So long, it’s been good to know you. Bye Dud
bettehale: (13:06) eggsit dudley
only_an_egg: (10:06) duds we hardley knew ye
roxymom: (13:06) nice bette
javacats: (10:06) dud, you are missed
tigerlady105: (10:06) Dudley was a wonderful companion and served his purpose well for his brother.
lizardknight: (12:06) you will be missed, Dudley
boodle317: (12:07) indeed tiger
roxymom: (13:07) This is too much
auroradawn: (10:07) ode to an egg sung by egglebert humperdink
javacats: (10:07) lol dawn
roxymom: (13:07) lol
sidneygal: (10:07) We will remember you Dud
great_bear: (12:07) lol
tigerlady105: (10:07) Passing the talking feather to Donnae who just returned to us.
mishikeenhquay: (13:07)
boodle317: (12:07) wb donnae
great_bear: (12:07) sorry for laughin
netnanny: (14:07) In the sweet by and by, we shall meet on that beautiful shore..You will be the egg, I will be the nanny
imaneaglewatcher: (10:07) LOL aurora
mishikeenhquay: (13:07) donnae…please share a few words
roxymom: (13:07) oh dear great
dotwad: (18:07) im here also
bettehale: (13:07) Dudley–your sissy loved you, your dad killed you and your mum ate you. Whatta way to go
only_an_egg: (10:07) oh i blurped in without the feather.. eggstremely sorry
donnae: (21:27) thank you Tiger, I am deeping sadden by Dudley’s passing
boodle317: (12:07) glad you could make it DOT
javacats: (10:07) hi dot
roxymom: (13:07) I’ve gotta get great out of here. She’s out of control
amyklai: (13:07) oh bette
lauren-aint-boren: (12:07) Dudly, even though Ididnt know it that long, or at all. I will always miss him. Mom ate him for a good reason, she was hungry.
mishikeenhquay: (13:08) bette…rofl
donnae: (21:27) Dudley, will never be gone, he will always be in our hearts!!
ubc-rocks: (10:08) Mom couldn’t handle the pressure, she left
imaneaglewatcher: (10:07) LOL bette
eviemae: (12:08) lol lauren
dotwad: (18:08) waste not , want not,
ajl: (12:08) Donnae, would you choose a person to pass the talking feather to.
sugarfree6996: (14:08) Dear Dudley, we met when you were only 19 days old but you gave me joy and you gave me piece, thank you my little egghead I will always remember you
dotwad: (18:08) born to feed another
bettehale: (13:09) very good Dot
abramsdaughter: (13:08) Love that song ajl. Bye Dudley.
duckynana: (13:08) In the words of Mother Goose: “All the king’s horses and all the king’s men, couldn’t put Humpty-DUDLEY back together again”.
donnae: (21:28) Dudley was a good egg, and was always there for Phoenix, and we will miss her/him
sparkie: (13:08) the spirit soars beyond the clouds goodbye dudley may your next life be full of purpose
roxymom: (13:09) oh ducky
nyeagleye: (13:08) So long my old friend Hope we get to laugh again So long my old friend Go on, show them what you’re made of Show them what you’re made of.
donnae: (21:28) Passes the feather to sparkie
ajl: (12:09) (((sparkie)))
javacats: (10:09) hi sparkie
ajl: (12:09) (((nyeagle))))
sparkie: (13:09) hi all
dancinglady: (10:09) ….and now, all please open your hymnals to p. 364 and sing with eggshaltation, “The Cirlce of Life”
gypsy22: (10:09) Dudley was a GOOD egg. He had a way about him I would call it smooth he was very very smooth Unfortunately he finally cracked under the pressure…:( He will be sadly missed by all!
roxymom: (13:09) hey sparkie
auroradawn: (10:09) hi spark
great_bear: (12:09) *sniff*
donnae: (21:29) Sparkie you have the talking feather
sparkie: (13:09) lovely wake thank you all
bayofundy: (14:09) to Dodley, Didn’t know you well, but the time I have spent with you was so special. I will think of you always,and think of you with kindness in my heart. Miss you Dudley.
boodle317: (12:10) eggshaltation? LOVE IT
amyklai: (13:09) nice to see phoe standing for the service
ajl: (12:10) There is the spot where he was laid, in cup so soft, in dappled shade.
roxymom: (13:10) Wow this salad is great. Who brought it
knitmaster36: (13:10) May I have the feather?
tarvena: (10:10) Thank you Judy Collins, your song really brought it home for me. I’ll always remember how Phoenix loved Dudley.
bayleegirl: (10:10) Dudley, egg shells to egg shells. We will never forget you!!!!!
only_an_egg: (10:10) hi sparkie
bettehale: (13:10) I love the DEVILLED eggs
dancinglady: (10:10) ….and to those who can’t sing, simply chant “Hakuna Matata” eggstatically
ajl: (12:10) This egg bread is delicious Only!
boodle317: (12:10) RIP Dudley….you were a huge support to your brother….his wing….his pope’ nose, etc. You served your purpose well…We will miss you.
roxymom: (13:10) We should all get a turn with the feater
donnae: (21:30) no eating now, service is on!!!
roxymom: (13:10) feather
mishikeenhquay: (13:10) knit…has the feather
only_an_egg: (10:10)  ) aj;
ajl: (12:10) Yes roxymom.
lookylo: (10:11) Dudley was layed in a nest by the sea;
knitmaster36: (13:11)
Hudley Dudley sat in a nest,
Hudley Dudley, he did his best,
All Hornby chat’s women
and all Hornby chat’s men,
Couldn’t put Dudley together again.
ajl: (12:11) Donnae, could you pass the talking feather please?
great_bear: (12:11) puts egg salad sandwich down  \
lauren-aint-boren: (12:11) is the service over? ? ? ?
knitmaster36: (13:11) rip, Dudley
ajl: (12:11) (((knit)))
eviemae: (12:11) nice knit
donnae: (21:31) I did to Sparkie!!!
eaglett: (10:11) Dudley was an good egg.He gave Phoenix comfort when he needed it,hold when he couldn’t sit up,but now is the time that Phoenix is strong and will be leaving the nest soon.Dudley went back to Mom and he will always watch over Phoenix
auroradawn: (10:11) well done knit
mishikeenhquay: (13:11) knit please pass the feather to roxy
javacats: (10:11) very nice knit
luvthebirds: (10:11) luv it knit
only_an_egg: (10:11) k joker running wild with the talking feather.. wait your turn!!!
dotwad: (18:11) no loren
roxymom: (13:11) very wiitty bird people
dotwad: (18:11) stilll going
duckynana: (13:10) the second song today will be the ‘Achey-breaky” line-dance
ajl: (12:11) Surely Dudley deserves more than eleven minutes?
right-eyed: (13:11) What? What? Back the train up, only_an_egg! You said, “….the passing of dudly lizard?” What have I been missing, here. I told the florest that my funeral boquet was to be delivered to the funeral of Dudly the egg what was, but is no mo, no mo.
lauren-aint-boren: (12:11) naaahhhhhhh
janeb: (14:11) Dudley, May you rest in peace. I know in my heart that Echo will show you the way home!!!!
luvthebirds: (10:11) I could use the feather, please
bayleegirl: (10:12) I’m actually laughing so hard, I actually need a tissue…
allcotton: (13:12) feather please?  
lookylo: (10:12) Now he is but an egg-shell on the beach of life….
knitmaster36: (13:12) Gloris in Eggcelsis Deo!
donnae: (21:32) Okay I will pass it to luv seeing as sparkie is too choked up to talk!!
roxymom: (13:12) here cotton you can have my turn
dancinglady: (10:12) LOL…best one yet
dotwad: (18:12) great janeb
ajl: (12:12) LOL knit.
knitmaster36: (13:12) *Gloria
mishikeenhquay: (13:12) TO DUDLEY (i grabbed the feather)…
auroradawn: (10:12) could someone pass me an egglescake
churchlady: (13:12) good one knit
great_bear: (12:12) *slurp*
paulette: (13:12) Just checking in during lunch, and wanted to say you all are hilarious! Thanks for brightening my day more than the usual Hornby check-n
mishikeenhquay: (13:12) All of Nature has the wisdom to follow the Natural Laws. All of Nature knows how to live in harmony and use this wisdom in a good way, with exception of the human being. Often we misuse this wisdom. Wisdom always remains with those who use it in the proper way. Nature has used this wisdom well, so now we need to go to Her so we humans can relearn and change our lives. May we start doing this today, before it is too late.
roxymom: (13:12) mish lol
knitmaster36: (13:12) Shall we read from Egglesiastes?
luvthebirds: (10:12) thnak yo donnae…. here is link to poem and haiku for our dear dudley
janeb: (14:13) ty Dot
mishikeenhquay: (13:13) dudley…you are one with nature
great_bear: (12:13) Amen, mishi
paulette: (13:13) Knitmaster: LOL!!
churchlady: (13:13) knit you are pretty funny!
roxymom: (13:13) Thanks everyone
dancinglady: (10:13) knit you’re on a roll
luvthebirds: (10:13) one post follows the other… we miss you dear dudley Phoenix will soar for you both
mishikeenhquay: (13:13) PASSING FEATHER TO GZE
bettehale: (13:14) Next time I see mama poopshoot, Ill think of you, dear departed Dudley
javacats: (10:13) this is the best service ive ever been to
dotwad: (18:13) wheres BOB
ajl: (12:13) Greetings luv. Thank you for your words.
karleen: (10:13) What a wonderful service.
javacats: (10:13) lol bette
netnanny: (14:13) never, in all my years of watching these eagles, has an egg been so loved by so many RIP dudley
roxymom: (13:13) me to java
luvthebirds: (10:13) yw ajl
gzebear: (13:14) Eulogy for Dudley:Dudley was good egg. And that which we call Dudley was very much alive, has always been alive, and still lives on – not an embryo, not an eaglet, but still a joyous mass of Life. Who knows whence came Dudley or, after Mom’s crop, where the journey leads? Yet Dudley is too a part of each of us, the idea that didn’t hatch but stayed around and served a purpose till one day splat, and gone. We clean up the mess, move on, and it fed us nonetheless. So I say … Long Live Dudley. Long Remember Dudley.
only_an_egg: (10:14) bob had an eggangement that prevented his bieng here dot
donnae: (21:33) lovely luv
ajl: (12:14) (((Gzebear)))
dotwad: (18:14) ok ty
ajl: (12:14) Talking feather to allcotton please.
duckynana: (13:13) may i have the feather back, i forgot something!
roxymom: (13:14) long live dudley
javacats: (10:14) very nice gze
deb33: (13:14) Amen Mishi
allcotton: (13:14) There was an egg named Dudley When he was laid he was Studley A friend to Phoenix Good perching on sticks But Pipping for DudleyWas Nixed. He dreamed of fishes Of flying he’d wishes But hollowness overtook him Dad landed on him And Mom took him in To be with her on the Wind. Here’s to you, Dudley We loved you.You were such a Crackup!~ Cotton 2010
gzebear: (13:14) passes feather to allcotton
right-eyed: (13:14) You people have got to slow down, did I come for the funeral of an egg that had a short….too short a life, or some dopey posseum skull! ? ? ? ? ?
lauren-aint-boren: (12:14) can i go?
ajl: (12:15) (((allcotton))))
knitmaster36: (13:15) nice cotton
only_an_egg: (10:15) duds was the egg right eye
dotwad: (18:15) his name is still here
ajl: (12:15) Mishi, could you pass the talking feather.
saladd42: (13:15) Back for a few minutes – i see there is a eulogy going on here
gzebear: (13:15) ((allcotton))
roxymom: (13:15) go lauren
allcotton: (13:15) spacing didn’t come through!
mishikeenhquay: (13:15) talking feather to lauren
gzebear: (13:15) is ok, cotton – thank you
eviemae: (12:15) lauren u will be missed
lauren-aint-boren: (12:16) Why is the feather going to me?
allcotton: (13:16) oops forgot to pass feather – sorry
only_an_egg: (10:16) no feather holding allcotton
sugarfree6996: (14:16)
only_an_egg: (10:16) lol
mishikeenhquay: (13:16) sorry lauren i thought you asked for it
only_an_egg: (10:16) three minutes for holding
ajl: (12:16) She did.
lauren-aint-boren: (12:16) nahhh
ajl: (12:16) Maybe not the feather, but….
javacats: (10:16) lol only
mishikeenhquay: (13:16) TALKING FEATHER TO DUCKY
lauren-aint-boren: (12:16) i didnt
only_an_egg: (10:16) laren asked to be eggscused i thought
lauren-aint-boren: (12:16) haha
eviemae: (12:16) lol..lauren say something about dudley….
mishikeenhquay: (13:16) LOL
opiek: (10:16) very nice luv – thanks
only_an_egg: (10:16) thought
saladd42: (13:16) hi mishi
boodle317: (12:17) oh ajl….lol
ajl: (12:16) Sigh.
roxymom: (13:16) Sorry, I get hungry when I’m upset. The egg salad gone. but I see another one over there
netnanny: (14:17) this is absolutely breaking me up!!!
mishikeenhquay: (13:17) HI SALAD
only_an_egg: (10:16) lol roxy
lauren-aint-boren: (12:17) ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, he was a good egg, even though i never met him, he was good
only_an_egg: (10:16) hi nanny
ajl: (12:17) There is still some eggdrop soup roxy
roxymom: (13:17) oh yah ajl
boodle317: (12:17) did i hear someone brought egg bread?
knitmaster36: (13:17) a cracking good service!
netnanny: (14:17) Hi only
sugarfree6996: (14:17)
eviemae: (12:17) lol lauren….
donnae: (21:37) I hid the egg rolls for Dad!!
nyeagleye: (13:17) there is a big Ham in the nest!
sidneygal: (10:17) lol knit
imaneaglewatcher: (10:17) Hi net  
lauren-aint-boren: (12:17) HAM!
roxymom: (13:17) where’s the egg rolls
gzebear: (13:17) I want coddled egg and salmon.
dotwad: (18:17) i brought some egg and cress sandwitches
allcotton: (13:17) great song sugar
ajfe: (10:17) hi all – sorry I’m late for Dudley’s memorial
saladd42: (13:17) I would like to say something, mish
donnae: (21:37) and the salmon salad from Ostrich!!
ajl: (12:17) Yes mishi. I ask for the feather and for chat to stop.
javacats: (10:17) wb ajfe
eviemae: (12:17) me me me
boodle317: (12:18) yes saladd..please do
duckynana: (13:17) bob is at the lawyer handling Dudley’s eggstate
knitmaster36: (13:18) dud was a coddled egg!
gzebear: (13:18) STOP
bettehale: (13:18) Yes–RIP Dud
right-eyed: (13:18) OK, now I’m staying….not going up to the front and grabbing mybouquet and high-tailing it out here. Guess, now,
only_an-egg, we’re all on the same page. I’ll l catch up!
donnae: (21:37) shhhhhhhhhh
roxymom: (13:18) Stop
bayofundy: (14:17) Good Bue Dudley, you will be missed
mishikeenhquay: (13:18) FEATHER PASSED TO AJL…..STOP CHAT!!!
knitmaster36: (13:18) Who gets thwe flowers?
luvthebirds: (10:18) ty opie
ajl: (12:18) I shall conclude the service to honour Dudley.
ajl: (12:18)
Do not stand by my shell and weep,
I am not there, I do not screep.
pbsmith: (12:18) I see they have brought in a pine cone to replace Dudley as Phoenix’s buddy.
lauren-aint-boren: (12:19) BYE I GOT TO GET!  SEE YOU ALL TONIGHT!
sugarfree6996: (14:19) you were a great eggample to others Dudley, gone now but not forgotten
great_bear: (12:18) can I have another drink, please
ajl: (12:19)
I live on as part of mom
I am with her, I am not gone!
We soar above the world, so high
Together still, with her I fly.
dougcarrick: (10:19) All the eagles of Hornby Island appreciate this memorial service for Dudley as do the eaglets and eggs, successful or otherwise. Thank you on behalf or all of us.
sidneygal: (10:19) amen to that ajl  
mishikeenhquay: (13:19) stop xhat please
donnae: (21:38) shhhhhhhhhhhhh
ajl: (12:19)
Do not stand by my shell and cry.
I am not there, I did not die!
roxymom: (13:19) I gotta lay down. I’ve had it hahahahahahahah
opiek: (10:19) ((salad))
imaneaglewatcher: (10:19) Yes Dudley was an extraordinary Egg Let us all remember he has gone to that big quiche in the sky
luvthebirds: (10:19) thank you ajl perfect
amyklai: (13:19) amen
ajl: (12:19)
Next year again upon this nest
I shall lie beneath her breast.
At last, my turn will come next spring
When I will test my little wing.
great_bear: (12:19) whaaaaaaaaaaaaaw
saladd42: (13:19) hi opi
ajl: (12:19)
Do not stand by my shell and grieve
I live on; in that, believe.
birdvoyer: (13:19) So glad you could make it Doug
netnanny: (14:19) sob
bettehale: (13:20) Ogood ajl
donnae: (21:39) Doug you made it !!!! yay
great_bear: (12:19) sob
dotwad: (18:19) lol insane
eaglett: (10:20) sob
janeb: (14:20) DOUG…Echo Will Show Dudley The Way Home!!!
luvthebirds: (10:20) ajl, you make me cry…. thank you
Triton: (12:20) Beautiful all of you!!
knitmaster36: (13:20) Doug – so glad you joined us1
ajl: (12:20) A moment of silence for all that was, and that will be, again.
bayofundy: (14:19) sob,sob sob,sobbing
javacats: (10:20) am actually shedding a tear, whaaaa
eviemae: (12:20) in bobs writing UR ALL NUTS….lol
dancinglady: (10:20) beautiful, ajl *wiping tears now*
mishikeenhquay: (13:20) IN THE SPRING…A NEW SPIRIT WILL BE BORN
sugarfree6996: (14:20)
kokiem: (10:20) AJL That was wonderful
ajl: (12:20) I hold the feather. Please be still.
tigerlady105: (10:20) I made egg bread (challah) Boodle. Here, please have some.
donnae: (21:40) shhhhh please
dotwad: (18:20) im laughing my socks off, sorry
mishikeenhquay: (13:20) sitting quiet
bettehale: (13:21) Shall we all have a group Hug ? ((((all))))
bayofundy: (14:20) AJL,what a beautiful service,so glad I was able to attend
lauren-aint-boren: (12:20) YES
auroradawn: (10:21) me too dot
amyklai: (13:21) moms singing
dougcarrick: (10:21) I left my garden at 10 am in order to take in all of the memorial service. It was great.
ajl: (12:21) Amen.
knitmaster36: (13:21) (((all)))
donnae: (21:40) shhhhh, ajl is not finished!!!
javacats: (10:21) amen
eaglett: (10:21) amen
auroradawn: (10:21) amen
allcotton: (13:21) amen
great_bear: (12:21) Amen
lauren-aint-boren: (12:21) AMEN
sugarfree6996: (14:21) (((((((((((((dudley))))))))))))))))
getreel: (13:20) amen
kokiem: (10:21) Amen
mishikeenhquay: (13:21) aho
eviemae: (12:21) amen
amyklai: (13:21) Amen
MFR1957: (10:21) Amen
bettehale: (13:21) amen
ajfe: (10:21) Amen
boonibarb: (10:21) That was BEAUTIFUL ajl!
bayofundy: (14:20) AMEN
auroradawn: (10:21) ok grilled eggplant is now served
PatNEPA: (13:21) Amen
squirrelygirl: (13:21) beautiful AJL, the service would not have been complete without you Doug, Amen
ajfe: (10:21) that was beautiful ajl
ajl: (12:21) Pass the eggrolls.
deb33: (13:21) sniff sniff…….. (((AJL)))
saladd42: (13:21) What the heart has once known, it shall never forget. Amen
gzebear: (13:21) Amen.
Triton: (12:21) Amen
eviemae: (12:21) lol
sidneygal: (10:21) amen – go in peace Dud
plahti: (12:21) So where is the egg, I havve been gone and mostly a lurker.
kokiem: (10:21) Thanks Doug for being there
allcotton: (13:21) Doug –
e-kf: (13:21) Anegg
javacats: (10:21) that was beautiful ajl, thank you for all you do here
mishikeenhquay: (13:21) (((((((((ROOM))))))))))
luvthebirds: (10:21) amen and i will pay my respectst to you, dudley, tomorrow in the flesh  
eviemae: (12:21) ty doug…
amyklai: (13:21) bottle of chardonay here
boodle317: (12:22) Amen
nyeagleye: (13:21) So long my old friendHope we get to laugh againSo long my old friendGo on, show them what you're made ofShow them what you're made of.
fitchies: (12:21) on the phone missing this
momola: (10:21) Change is the constant, the signal for rebirth, the egg of the phoenix.
allcotton: (13:21) I only got through May 7th
netnanny: (14:22) so be it
great_bear: (12:21) who took my egg salad sandwich?
janeb: (14:21) Amen!!!!
boodle317: (12:22) beautiful
elinwa: (10:22) ... BEAUTIFUL Service. And Phoe so respectful. Thanks so much. (later!)
sidneygal: (10:22) Glad you made it to the service Doug
donnae: (21:41) Amen and we will always remember Dudley!!!
sugarfree6996: (14:22) it was the best service I ever attended ty ajl and all those who took the time to come
dancinglady: (10:22) (((((((((( to the room )))))))))))))
basenjimom: (12:22) AMEN
javacats: (10:22) sorry bear, it was goood
allcotton: (13:22) Thanks, ajl!
deb33: (13:22) lovely service .thank you all
great_bear: (12:22) hmmmm java
tarvena: (10:22) Oh this music brings it all home.
donnae: (21:42) Booni glad you made it!!
mishikeenhquay: (13:22) 124 people attended this service...thank you all
boodle317: (12:22) (((mishi))) (((ajl))) ((( Doug)))) (((((((((ROOM)))))))) ((((Dudley)))))
ajfe: (10:22) thanks for the pictures all cotton - hard to believe Phoe was ever that small!
bayofundy: (14:22) (((((((((((((((for all))))))))))))))
eviemae: (12:22) Yeah....
shanu: (10:22) i was at the service also was very touching
auroradawn: (10:22) please dont forget to put money in the collection plate before leaving
only_an_egg: (10:22) well said ajl
allcotton: (13:22) yw
boodle317: (12:23) eggcelent musical selections ajl
plahti: (12:22) i have been mostly lurking and out of town for a week, where is the egg?
lidarose9: (10:23) in mom's tummy
only_an_egg: (10:22) egg is gone plahti
sugarfree6996: (14:23) candle is now out
donnae: (21:42) post those pics of Dudley again for Ajl, Doug and Booni!!!
lidarose9: (10:23) egg broke, mom ate
dancinglady: (10:23) LOL plahti....someone catch them up
only_an_egg: (10:23) it got crushed and mom ate the contents
nancym: (13:23) I can only hope that my funeral (in the distant future) will be as wonderful as this one was! (laughing, crying, and food)
shanu: (10:23) the funeral was to day
only_an_egg: (10:23) this is the memorial service
panache: (11:23) Good Grief charlie brown !!
mishikeenhquay: (13:23) would anyone like some egg salad sandwiches?
plahti: (12:23) today?
eviemae: (12:23) lol nancy
boodle317: (12:23) PIcs of dudley
donnae: (21:43) Hi Nancyu!!
allcotton: (13:23) Collection Plate
sugarfree6996: (14:23) will keep candle in memory
amyklai: (13:23) yes please
celas654: (13:23) Wonderful AJL. You did good!
lidarose9: (10:23) gzebear i really liked what you said
allcotton: (13:23) Good devilled eggs!
saladd42: (13:23) i have no sound. anyone know how to get sound?
auroradawn: (10:24) wow who made the egg custard
great_bear: (12:23) ....passes champagne to celebrate life..
eaglett: (10:24) i don't think i can eat eggs ever
allcotton: (13:24) TX boodle
only_an_egg: (10:24) hi nancym
ajl: (12:24) Oh allcotton, what beautiful pictures of dudley. He was a beautiful egg.
sidneygal: (10:24) ty gbear - i raise my glass
Triton: (12:24) Over the Rainbow by Iz that we talked about yesterday is in my background...
kokiem: (10:24) I do not know how I shall get through the day now, I am saddened by the loss
bayofundy: (14:23) Beautiful service AJL,thank you
neohio: (13:24) hello all. having an over-easy day here.
boodle317: (12:24) that is a lovely collage of dud and his family
fitchies: (12:24) Dang I'm missing the memorial. Nice words ajl and everyone. ((hugs))
only_an_egg: (10:24) hi neo
only_an_egg: (10:24) hi fitchies
mishikeenhquay: (13:24) ajl....thank you ...migweetch!!!!
amyklai: (13:24) sorry iv cracked up here shbs
ajl: (12:24) We will have to put that in the forum,
plahti: (12:24) when did the egg break> and when did it get eatin? is there a hotspot?
dancinglady: (10:24) OK....and now it's time to celebrate move on and be grateful for our wonderful PHOENIX :)
ajl: (12:24) (((mishi))))
duckynana: (13:23) Anybody want to do the "chicken-dance" now?
only_an_egg: (10:24) whomever is copying for mojo might be wise to put it in the forum too lol
celas654: (13:24) Thanks Eagle friends. This was very touching and now it is back to the ironing.
javacats: (10:24) hi fitches, it was great
fitchies: (12:24) hear hear
eviemae: (12:24) yes dancing
kokiem: (10:25) Here's to Phoenix
sidneygal: (10:25) lol ducky
donnae: (21:44) ((((((( hugs to all)))))
allcotton: (13:25) I posted the collage in the forum. NOt sure if in right place
songbirdsing: (12:25) beautiful AMEN can't stop crying
knitmaster36: (13:25) Thank you this was terrific
ajl: (12:25) It could go in the 'only on hornby' section, with the eulogies and music.
sugarfree6996: (14:25) yep time to move forward, he would have wanted us to
nancym: (13:25) donnae, what time zone are you in ???
mishikeenhquay: (13:25) allcotten....thank you sooo much
tigerlady105: (10:25) Dudley would have been honored by your presence, Doug.
dancinglady: (10:25) *raises glass of champagne to Phoenix in Dud's memory*
eviemae: (12:25) lol sugar
donnae: (21:45) wonderful cotton!!!!
lidarose9: (10:25) let's make a toast to Ma & Pa Hornby
kokiem: (10:25) here's mud in yer eye
ajfe: (10:25) to Ma & Pa Hornby
sugarfree6996: (14:25) here!here!
mishikeenhquay: (13:25) doug...thank you for being here
kokiem: (10:25) er egg
great_bear: (12:25) raises glass.......cheers to ma an pa
donnae: (21:45) raising our glasses!!!! to Mom and Dad!!! here, here
boodle317: (12:26) To Ma and Pa HOrnby.....for always doing what's just and right.
bettehale: (13:26) and to our very own PHOENIX
bayleegirl: (10:26) ching***ching****
eaglett: (10:26) Ma & Pa Hornby.... thank for all those memories mishikeenhquay: (13:26) here here there there
kokiem: (10:26) here here
javacats: (10:26) glass raised
plahti: (12:26) when did the egg break> and when did it get eatin? is there a hotspot?
ajfe: (10:26) to Phoenix
neohio: (13:26) sip sip SLURP
ajl: (12:26) I have a last, personal message to the Eagles of Hornby Island.
kokiem: (10:26) to our baby
bayofundy: (14:25) To mom and Dad Hornby, May you live a long and Healthy Life
eaglett: (10:26) to Phoenix
sidneygal: (10:26) my glass too!
sugarfree6996: (14:26) to see thge nest bare was a nice touch don't ya think
donnae: (21:46) may we have many more great memories too!!
fitchies: (12:26) Geez I went back through and read and man...brings a tear to my eye
plahti: (12:26) when did the egg break> and when did it get eatin? is there a hotspot?
boodle317: (12:26) Geez I'm bawling!
fitchies: (12:26) such caring sweet people
kokiem: (10:27) great service all
mishikeenhquay: (13:27) nice background music ajl.....
dancinglady: (10:26) it was a few days ago plahti and yes, there is a hotspot
lynxcat: (13:27) you guys are incredible...thank you!
auroradawn: (10:27) plahti - friday
plahti: (12:27) ty
great_bear: (12:27) oh dear, ajl, now you really got me *sob*
fitchies: (12:27) I bawled when Mom laid the eggs!
mishikeenhquay: (13:27) +crying
dancinglady: (10:27) the hotspot is Friday at 9:35
boodle317: (12:27) yes....the empty nest was lovely for this short time
kokiem: (10:27) gotta run bbl
nancym: (13:28) pass the tissues,
javacats: (10:27) i am so glad i found this crowd, you are all GREAT (((((((ALL)))))))))))
duckynana: (13:26) great we can all move on!
fitchies: (12:27) here everyone. Kleenex for all
allcotton: (13:27) I think it's rather fitting that the nest look very nearly empty this morning!
bayofundy: (14:27) Beautiful Song AJL
basenjimom: (12:27) Thanks to all that made this possible.
eviemae: (12:27) hugs to u jave
birdvoyer: (13:27) Memorial to be erected
ajl: (12:28) We love you Mom, Dad, Phoenix, Hope, Echo and all who have come before and will again. Thank you for sharing your lives, your wisdom, your truth.
mishikeenhquay: (13:28) wow bird thanks
boodle317: (12:28) DITTO!
birdvoyer: (13:28) My pleasure
eviemae: (12:28) nice ajl
dancinglady: (10:28) AMEWN AJL
PatNEPA: (13:28) If any one was interested they have NE back in the nest in VA
auroradawn: (10:28) love it birdv
sidneygal: (10:28) ty ajl
dancinglady: (10:28) AMEN too
tigerlady105: (10:28) Giving a rose to each person here, and Dookie, too.
only_an_egg: (10:28) all i can say about duds is this ...
ajfe: (10:28) that was great ajl
dancinglady: (10:28) ty tiger :)
ajl: (12:28) We love you Doug and Sheila. Thank you for sharing your dreams, your joy, your peace with the world.
eviemae: (12:28) ty tiger
only_an_egg: (10:28) takes one to know one duds......
bayofundy: (14:28) Great words AJL
dancinglady: (10:29) Double ditto on that!
eviemae: (12:29) ditto ajl
donnae: (21:48) I'll second that one ajl!!!
bettehale: (13:29) Amen again ajl
boodle317: (12:29) wow.....this is so touching
great_bear: (12:29) for sure, thank you
ajfe: (10:29) thx Douh and Sheila
birdvoyer: (13:29) Yes AJL, I agree
ajfe: (10:29) *Doug
ajl: (12:29) We love you, Hornby friends. Thank you for caring, for sharing, for taking the message forward.
sugarfree6996: (14:29) gonna plant a tree in honor of the Hornby nest
boodle317: (12:29) and phoe staying to one side during Dudley's time
eaglett: (10:29) another one for Dudley
dancinglady: (10:29) *raising gloass to Doug and Shiela*
gzebear: (13:29) thank you, ajl, mishi, tiger, sparkie, allcotton, all thoughtful contributions ... thank you doug and sheila, thank you Mom, Dad, Phoenix, thank you Dudley ... megwetch
only_an_egg: (10:29) no touching bob! hands off boodle
bayofundy: (14:29) And especially with all of us Thank you from the bottom of our hearts
churchlady: (13:29) need Bob to say yer all nuts.......
gzebear: (13:29) afk
only_an_egg: (10:29) hb gze
aliemae: (13:29) hi ajl boodle sugar dancinglady doug only an egg /all :)
fitchies: (12:29) Oh no losing my server
eviemae: (12:30) may all learn from these wonderful eagles
tigerlady105: (10:29) Allcotton, later please check you PM's on the forum. (In about an hour.)
squirrelygirl: (13:30) to Doug and Sheila! clink
boodle317: (12:30) hi alie
sugarfree6996: (14:30) hi alie
only_an_egg: (10:29) utoh fitch
dougcarrick: (10:30) Mom eagle is perched on the stump looking down on Phoenix and dad is in the Peters's Tree looking for fish. The tide is getting down and Dinner Rock is just emerging from the water.
great_bear: (12:30) Bob would be clling us idjits javacats: (10:30) hate to leave, have to do some work today :( bbl
boodle317: (12:30) clink clink
donnae: (21:50) I also want to thank all for your caring and kind words!!! You are all the greatest!!!!!!
boodle317: (12:30) all is well with the world Doug
fitchies: (12:30) TY Doug
ajl: (12:30) Thank you Doug.
eviemae: (12:30) ty doug
only_an_egg: (10:30) ohh good phoe;s brunch time doug
donnae: (21:50) ty Doug
aliemae: (13:30) ty doug  
churchlady: (13:30) thanks all for sharing!
sugarfree6996: (14:30) tks doug
birdvoyer: (13:30) (((luv))) if you are still in the croud
bayofundy: (14:30) Thank you Doug for Giving us the privilge of this site
dancinglady: (10:30) Can’t thank you enough for all this, Doug
Triton: (12:31) ty Doug
great_bear: (12:30) All is well again in this world
mishikeenhquay: (13:31) thank you doug..sheila…booni…ajl…cali…birdv…bringing the eagles to me has enriched my life….aho migweetch
bettehale: (13:31) Thanks for the update Doug
eviemae: (12:31) lunch time…. sorry dudley..
ajl: (12:31) Aho migweetch.
aliemae: (13:31) yes thank you all  
right-eyed: (13:31) Amen
duckynana: (13:30) I saw your comment about NE pat, hoping for the best
falconsareforme: (13:31) I just wanted to say the movie was wonderful last night, but as usual Bob was misbehaving… He tried to cop a feel off of msmoon
fitchies: (12:31) the worlds most popular egg
luvthebirds: (10:31) hi, bv!!! i was taking care of blackie jsut now, but am here  
dancinglady: (10:31) LOLOL falcon
only_an_egg: (10:31) hi luvthe
boodle317: (12:31) sigh….just lovely.
donnae: (21:51) how am I going to work today with these red eyes and tears!!!!
aliemae: (13:31) now i need to catch up and see the movie replay doug put up last night kept freezing up
right-eyed: (13:31) Amen
only_an_egg: (10:31) did you slap the cuffs on him falcon?  )
great_bear: (12:32) I’ll never crack an egg in the same way as before Dudley
allcotton: (13:32) YW mish – I’m behind trying to find right place in forum  
aliemae: (13:32) lol dear
ajl: (12:32) Mom calling on the stump, dad from the shore.
aliemae: (13:32) i think of it everytime i make eggs now too
fitchies: (12:32) well I must say I have never seen anything like this before
curlygram: (12:32) that was beautiful ajl………i’d never heard eva cassidy before
boodle317: (12:32) hi benny
falconsareforme: (13:32) he is in cout right now as we speak, only
MDBenson: (13:34) HI BOODLE
bayofundy: (14:31) It was a beautiful service, so glad I was here
boodle317: (12:32) wouldn’t have missed it
neohio: (13:32) great bear – how will I ever scramble again? Only sunny side up for me now.
curlygram: (12:32) apparently she died young?
mishikeenhquay: (13:33) ajl…Migizi Mazinaakizo Quay…your wisdom enriches us all
boodle317: (12:33) good news about NE
falconsareforme: (13:33) *court
dancinglady: (10:33) *smiling now* Life Goes On
aliemae: (13:33) hi benson
fitchies: (12:33)  
only_an_egg: (10:33) and if there is such a thing as a defense for bob: they had been throwing themselves at him prior to the movie
only_an_egg: (10:33) just sayin….
imaneaglewatcher: (10:33) I want to personally thank Doug and Sheila for making this experience of watching the eagles possible, it is better than therapy. We love you (((((Doug and Sheila))))))
falconsareforme: (13:33) lol only
MDBenson: (13:35) HI ALIE
fitchies: (12:33) where is Bob?
only_an_egg: (10:33)
sugarfree6996: (14:33) me too, now must take a shower, bbl
boodle317: (12:33) only cause they thought he was gonna be loaded soon only! lol
mishikeenhquay: (13:33) only…”THEY”…lol
duckynana: (13:33) NE was put back in the nest?
falconsareforme: (13:34) in court, fitches, really
bayofundy: (14:33) cu later sis
auroradawn: (10:34) bob had appointment outside of the nest
fitchies: (12:33) Oh No lol
ajl: (12:34) Well, we brought wine for the service, and Bob had to taste it…
sugarfree6996: (14:34) won’t be long
only_an_egg: (10:34) yes boodle but still….
donnae: (21:53) ty ducky!!! great news
birdvoyer: (13:34) Bob went to find bacon
great_bear: (12:34) I put everything on hold for the eulogy, wouldn’t have wanted to miss it for the world (((((hugs all ))))))
dancinglady: (10:34) lol ajl
tigerlady105: (10:34) Doug will replay the video at 7 PM nest time this evening.
MDBenson: (13:35) SO, WHO ATE THE EGG?
only_an_egg: (10:34) mom did benny
ajl: (12:34) ((((greatbear))))
plahti: (12:34) i found the hotspot where is says that where the egg was once
fitchies: (12:34) Mom
neohio: (13:34) birdvoyer LOLOL
dancinglady: (10:34) Mom did, MD
falconsareforme: (13:34) mom ate the egg
only_an_egg: (10:34) dad crushed it on landing and mom ate the contents
mishikeenhquay: (13:34) FOR BOB….SHEESH…you ppl are nuts
donnae: (21:54) (((great bear))) glad you made it
mishikeenhquay: (13:35) take your meds!!!
falconsareforme: (13:35) lol mis
great_bear: (12:34) take yer meds
curlygram: (12:35) amen mish
plahti: (12:35) is there a hot spot where dad crushes it and mom eats it?
donnae: (21:54) lol mishi
boodle317: (12:35) thank you mishi…I knew something was missing!
meldy: (07:36) Good Morning everyone!
ajl: (12:35) It is Mom’s role, to take back into herself what she gave.
lidarose9: (10:35) yes plahti
falconsareforme: (13:35) hi meldy
donnae: (21:54)
plahti: (12:35) i cannot find it.
donnae: (21:55) well put ajl!!!
luvthebirds: (10:35) hi, back only
meldy: (07:36) hi falcon
opiek: (10:35) yes phati – try 9:55 Friday
MDBenson: (13:37) HI MELDY
auroradawn: (10:35) friday 9:35 ish?
knitmaster36: (13:35) That was wonderful, all – been making sure I got the chat saved and I did – will compress it some and it will be available before too long if anyone wants it!
boodle317: (12:35) yes dawn
plahti: (12:35) ty, i’ll check
allcotton: (13:35) ajl, beautiful Eva Cassidy!
mishikeenhquay: (13:36) AJL…Give back for all that any of us take….excellant lesson
ajl: (12:36) Yay Knit! There were requests for that.
meldy: (07:37) Hi MD
birdvoyer: (13:36) Again ((luv))
ajl: (12:36) Yes mishi, well put.
lidarose9: (10:36) yes that Eva Cassidy song is sublime
donnae: (21:55) ty knit!!!!
mishikeenhquay: (13:36) yes knit…thanks
duckynana: (13:35) Oh yes, please knit!
MDBenson: (13:37) HI AJL
dancinglady: (10:36) yes, ajl….most eggscellet  
ajl: (12:36) Hi benny.
imaneaglewatcher: (10:36) Wow, that Eva Cassidy song was amazing, makes me want to cry
opiek: (10:36) I just finally caugt up with chat – phew. Beautiful service all  
MDBenson: (13:37) HI DONNA
MDBenson: (13:38) HI OPIE
great_bear: (12:36) happy to see all is well on the Hornby nest, I can now leave in peace……bye for now
ajl: (12:36) Hi opie; so glad you could attend the tail end.
opiek: (10:36) hi md
MDBenson: (13:38) HI BEAR
bayofundy: (14:36) The songs were beautiful,and fitting Ajl
donnae: (21:56) Hi mdben
mishikeenhquay: (13:37) hb great bear
ajl: (12:37) Bye greatbear.
fitchies: (12:36) I don’t like sad..must move happy
boodle317: (12:37) bye greatbear
katbro: (11:37) hello everyone, is it a nice day there?
donnae: (21:56) bye greatbear
tigerlady105: (10:36) BBS It was beautiful.
birdvoyer: (13:37) bbl…back to work. Very nice everyone!
MDBenson: (13:38) SEE YA BEAR
ajl: (12:37) Hello kat and everyone coming in.
meldy: (07:38) hi katbro
opiek: (10:37) hi kat
donnae: (21:57) It is a beautiful day!!!!
aliemae: (13:37) ok can’t seems to find dougs movie did he play it last night?
MDBenson: (13:38) SEE YA BIRD
opiek: (10:37) bye birdbv
falconsareforme: (13:37) yes alie
mishikeenhquay: (13:37) bye bird….
meldy: (07:39) it is a beautiful day
auroradawn: (10:37) bye those leaving & hi to those i missed coming in
donnae: (21:57) bye bv
bettehale: (13:38) Gotta go. bbl Love all you crazies
aliemae: (13:37) hi dawn
ajl: (12:37) Hello Phoenix.
boodle317: (12:38) phoenix…show yourself…we need you!
mishikeenhquay: (13:38) bye bette
dancinglady: (10:37) in all “seriousness” (if we can be that  it truly was a great gathering, thanks to all who showed up and to all who participated
MDBenson: (13:39) HI AURO
ostrich: (13:38) ajl, did you see the posting about Solo branching?
boodle317: (12:38) agreed dancing lady
meldy: (07:39) where is phoe?
mishikeenhquay: (13:38) dancing…wonderful ppl here
boodle317: (12:38) right of screen meldy
ajl: (12:38) No Ostrich!
aliemae: (13:38) i went to see solo a bit ago can’t see anything tho cam all messed up
auroradawn: (10:38) i was so glad i wasnt at work today
ostrich: (13:38)
curlygram: (12:38) hey there big boy
mishikeenhquay: (13:38) phoenix……lovely
MDBenson: (13:40) AND HERE’S PHOENIX
lidarose9: (10:38) look, now he comes back into our view
curlygram: (12:38) or girl
imaneaglewatcher: (10:38) Thank you all for a great start to this day. Laughter is good med. Tell Bob that. Have to get ready for work now. Be back tonight friends and eagles
dancinglady: (10:38) phoe’s walkiin
meldy: (07:40) now I see it boodel
duckynana: (13:38) what a great support group!
luvthebirds: (10:38) will be lurking, glad could share in the service with you all… need to get some jigga breakfast made
donnae: (21:58) hi my handsome little man!!!
ostrich: (13:39) I was wondering if you recall from your notes when Breeze first branched last year
boodle317: (12:39) bye iman
mishikeenhquay: (13:39) *raising glass….too PHOENIX….
donnae: (21:59) bye luv!!! have fun!!!!
mishikeenhquay: (13:39) bye luv…gb
eaglett: (10:39) to Phoenix……
bayofundy: (14:38) gotta go bbl,e1 take care
imaneaglewatcher: (10:39) to Phoenix!
donnae: (21:59) here here mishi!!!
boodle317: (12:39) taking mouse arrow and giving Phoe a head scratch.
luvthebirds: (10:39) ty donnae, so glad you are back, by mish tc
dancinglady: (10:39) *sings loudly* “It’s thye Cirrr-clee of Life*
allcotton: (13:39) Thanks, all. Fitting sendoff for Dudley. Latah!
mishikeenhquay: (13:39) boodle…lol
NW_Gal: (10:39) A beautiful and touching service! must go for now. bbl
donnae: (21:59) ty luv!!!
boodle317: (12:40) goodbye everyone leaving
mishikeenhquay: (13:40) bye nw
aliemae: (13:40) man i’m slow today can’t seem to keep wup with chat lol
donnae: (21:59) Hornby next stop luv!!!!
only_an_egg: (10:40) oh go pheo
mishikeenhquay: (13:40) wings and hopping
auroradawn: (10:40) it was nice to see that woody was very well behaved during service, may it continue
allcotton: (13:40) Let the Circle . . . be unbroken . . .
boodle317: (12:40) 106 in chat on a weekeday…..that’s alot
sidneygal: (10:40) well done ajl – ty for your ministry
meldy: (07:41) what happen to the last egg?
aliemae: (13:40) lil lift offs
imaneaglewatcher: (10:40) Go Phoenix, just stay in the nest a little longer
only_an_egg: (10:40) bye all eggsiting chat
sidneygal: (10:41) bye – c u l
boodle317: (12:41) only……LOL
fitchies: (12:40) lunch time
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Re: Memorial Service for Dudley the Egg
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(12:26) I have a last, personal message to the Eagles of Hornby Island.
(12:28) We love you Mom, Dad, Phoenix, Hope, Echo and all who have come before and will again. Thank you for sharing your lives, your wisdom, your truth.

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Re: Memorial Service for Dudley the Egg (June 2010)
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Memorial Collage for Dudley Hornby Eagle

Collage in Dudley's Memory - by Cotton - June 14, 2010 posted by Cathy G. (LA), on Flickr

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